2 Filipino-Chinese business leaders can’t hide their excitement after listening to Mayor Duterte’s speech

If a powerful TV network is trying with all its might to highlight the negatives of Mayor Duterte, it is but refreshing to hear businessmen speak highly of Mayor Duterte.

Filipino-Chinese businessman on Duterte

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During the Go Negosyo Forum, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte delivered his speech in a straightforward manner before a group of businessmen including the Filipino-Chinese community bigwigs. It appears the former left a good impression on his audience.

In the first video, an unnamed Filipino-Chinese businessman willingly obliged the reporter a short statement in response to the speech of Mayor Duterte.

So, sa peace and order, wala tayong, walang kalaban si mayor Duterte, talagang number one yun. Peace and order ensure business growth, security at saka marami darating na turista sa daming magandang scenery dito sa atin. (So, talking about peace and order, nothing beats Mayor Duterte. He is number one in this area. Peace and order ensure business growth, security and expect tourists to come and visit the beautiful sceneries in our country.

In the second video, the Filipino-Chinese businessman said he welcomed the assurance made by Mayor Duterte in his speech of tackling the issues of graft and corruption and peace and order during his Presidency.

In addition, the businessman believes that if Duterte can do it in Davao City, there is no reason Mayor Duterte cannot replicate his success in other parts of the country.

When asked by the female reporter if the businessman have any misgivings of anything Mayor Duterte said, the latter replied,

No. I think it is very straightforward. We like that. He is devoid of any hypocrisy. Not plastic. What comes on top of his head, he speaks freely. We like that yeah!

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