A coup against Duterte? Political analyst says coup starts with arrest of Duterte’s close allies and then Duterte

“O ayan may plano daw ng coup ang opposition. Ikalat ito sa lahat para malaman at maging handa.”

This is the introduction of the post of La Salle professor Antonio Contreras on Facebook warning the Duterte supporters to stay prepared and stop the plan of the members of the opposition to overthrow the Duterte government.

Contreras said it is imperative for the President to stay in Davao when the coup begins.

The coup plotters have a list of people to be arrested, including Cabinet members.

Here’s the full text of the post.

O ayan may plano daw ng coup ang opposition. Ikalatitosa lahat para malaman at maging handa.

From Jose Alejandrino just now:

It is absolutely imperative the president remains in Davao. The coup plotters have drawn up a list of people to be arrested. Cabinet members must be ready to move to Davao. These are simple precautions to take while coup reports are being investigated.

The Trump government will not sanction a coup. But contingency plans must be taken to secure NCR in case the worst should happen.
We must always be prepared for the worst. The people must be ready to rally massively in support of the president and give him revolutionary powers to deal with extraordinary situations. I anticipate this will only be the beginning.

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Jose Alejandrino is the former General Manager of Manila Chronicle and former Presidential Assistant for Economic Affairs to Philippine President Fidel V Ramos.

He is now based in Marbella Spain.

This could be a preventive move to prevent the impending arrest of a senator and the filing of cases against Pnoy and several Cabinet members. ┬áThat we don’t know until now.

Remember that the Bishops have warned Duterte not to go against them because no presidents last long if they choose to fight the Bishops.

But one thing is certain, a cornered mouse is a dangerous mouse!

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