Pinoy Trending News is a personal blog run by a Physical Therapist, an ex-Saudi, a former Tech Support from Teletech and a Virtual Assistants for an American businessman promoting various ISP’s in the United States and a British businessman with interest in providing SEO services to various clients in the United Kingdom.

He developed his passion for reading during his high school days and by the time he was in college, a classmate and a friend would call him “Mr. CNN”  since he would buy newspapers on a regular basis out of his allowance to catch up with what was going on around the Philippines and around the world.

During his sting in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, he was a big fan of Arab News, a popular broadsheet in the Kingdom. After duty hours, he would walk for 2 kilometers just to get a copy of the popular broadsheet from Panda, a kingdom-wide supermarket in Saudi. Everyday, he would walk 4 kilometers in total just to read the news and slept afterwards.  During vacant hours, he would solve the puzzles and cryptoquote just to kill time while waiting for patients to arrive at the Rehab Clinic.

When news reading is done, he would practice writing on any topic just to be able to hold back homesickness and at the same time honed his writing skills because someday, he dreamed of starting a blog just like this. And Pinoy Trending News is a lifelong dream of the blog owner and the Facebook Page that bears the same name was just the beginning.

So, dear readers, please be kind to this aspiring blogger and he hopes to deliver the most entertaining and informative articles inspired by the trending post in the social media. Thank you!