ABS-CBN draws flak after raw video of Duterte’s “Hitler comparison comment” surfaces online

A post showing the raw video containing wherein Duterte allegedly made “Hitler comparison comment” is making the rounds online.

In a Facebook post, the page VoVph accused ABS-CBN of cropping and chopping off the video of the Duterte press conference where he allegedly compared himself to Adolf Hitler.

In the video shown to the public by the local media, President Duterte can be heard telling the reporters with this inflammatory statement:

Hitler massacred 3 million Jews. There are 3 million drug addicts. I’d be happy to slaughter them. At least of Germany had Hitler, the Philippines would have (pause) you know ( pointing at him). My victims, I would like to kill all criminals to finish the problem of my country and save the next generation from perdition.

However, the statement above turned out to be taken out of context as the VoV Ph alleged with the intent to misled and put President Duterte in a bad light in front of the local and international audience.

If you watch the raw video, President Duterte talked lengthily about how the media have been unfairly painting
him to be of something bad, in the same breath as despicable leaders in the world’s history like Hitler…

You know when you want to charge me, you have to find out if the penal laws of this land would make a Mayor liable if he threatens the criminal or intimidate the wrongdoers. You can read the penal codes, criminal laws of this land, you’ll find nothing. And to say that this Mayor has been threatening to kill criminals…anong-Kaya kung hindi ikaw nandito. Bakit hindi ka nagmumura? You are protrayed or picture to be some cousin of Hitler…and you do not even bother to find out, to investigate…Imagine that, I will be fishing and even the International court for genocide. Hindi ba naman kabalbagan ang mga – ikaw daw? Presidente ka tapos ganunin ka. It was of course all right when I was a Mayor. Because then, that would be just a miniscule of the affairs of the humanity in this planet. But when I am the President (inaudible) you know better and stupid. You put all the Filipinos, especially outside, you put them to shame. Okay lang sa akin, sanay ako sa politika. Eh lahat ng kababuyan dumating na sa aking buhay. Pero itong mga ganito…Ako look,,,Kayong US, EU, you can call me anything. But I was never into hypocrisy like you.

Close your doors, it’s wintertime. There are migrants escaping from the Middle East. You allow them to rot and
then you’re worried about the death of death of about 1,000 2,000, 3,000.

Hitler massacred 3 million Jews. Now there is three million, there’s a three million drug addicts. There are. I’d be happy to slaughter them. At least, if Germany had Hitler, the Philippines would have you know, my victims. I would like to be, all criminals to finish the problem of my country and save the next generation from perdition.

Check out how the netizens respond to the alleged ABS-CBN machination to undermine Duterte’s reputation in the eyes of the local and international community.

Charles Dophene Ace says:

I am so mad… I have a US navy friend, and we make debates on this issue.. Only to find out again this ABSCBN really sucks.. Can we manifest to close this company down.. They bring nothing but discredit the PH as a whole.

Oliver Lee Susara says:

The government has to do something to the false reporting of the news. By reporting half truths or cropping clips and interviews they misinform the people and keep them ignorant. It should be criminal to mislead people.

郭愛仁 says: These media doesn’t respect the President, you did not write the whole speech of the President, you cut it again, you have taken it out of context again… you are doing it unceasingly…you media are bringing the Filipino to shame in expense of the President, we the OFW felt the oppression of other nation every time you make fun of the President…he represents the country, he also represents you…try to be in his shoes and in our shoes as OFW,…the president ignites his love to the nation, as what Atty, Santiago was saying, Sen. Miraim had offered her life in public service same as the President, but you don’t seem to care at all…..you only care for your own interest…Philippines will never ever be a progressive country as long as there are people like you…crab mentality still at its vain back in colonial time…at its finest…

Eifer C Salo says: ABS-CBN News GMA News mapag samantala kayo sa caption nyo lalo na sa mga hindi ganun karunong sa facebook or any internet user at mga naka data lang. Yesterday nakita ko to sa inyo, may news pa about jewish na hindi natuwa. Pero hindi ko binuksan ang news nyo dahil alam kong ganyan ang gawain nyo sa caption nyo. Mga mukha kayong pera, para kumita nag mi mislead kayo ng tao. Pasesnya na po pero putang gala kayo! Peste kayo sa bayang ito.

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Credits to VoVph


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