ABS-CBN’s Gretchen Ho failed fishing expedition to get negative comments from Singapore beach volleyball player draws jeers from netizens

The Facebook page ‘Team Philippines’ has alerted netizen what they called the botched attempt of ABS-CBN’s Gretchen Ho to fish negative feedback from a foreign athlete but FAILED tremendously.

Team Philippines praised Mark Shen, Singapore Beach Volleyball Player and son of an Olympian, for handling Grenchen Ho’s aggressive interview with class.

According Team Philippines words, Mark responded positively when asked about his 2019 SEA Games experience in the Philippines 🇵🇭, commending the airport reception, the quick bus transfer to the hotel, the food and the court sand and in effect, belying the rumors circulating in social media regarding poor reception and accommodation.

To help netizens understand the flow of the interview without the need to watch the video, they prepared a meme for those who prefer to get the idea of the conversation by simply reading the transcript of the interview.

Check out some of the jeering remarks from netizens who were disappointed how the ABS-CBN reporter tried to corner the Singaporean Olympian to elicit negative feedback about the SEA Games hosting of the Philippines.

One netizen commented that no matter how hard they try to demoralize the Philippines, the best antidote are the people telling the truth after experiencing the best accommodation from us.

“In your face gretchen ho! Because, no matter how hard you try to demoralize the Philippines the best ways will truth come out from people who experience the best accommodations from us. 👊👊👊”

She expect nothing but garbage from the reporter since she is not a hournalist but a gossip reporter.

what can we expect from ho, hindi yan journalist, chismosera yan sa may kanto. utak talangka.

One netizen was very disappointed because obviously he or she was a fan of volleyball players like Gretchen Ho but after watching this video trying to get negative feedback from another foreigner volleyball player to malign the Philippines, the netizen said he or she have no sympathy for her embarrassing behavior.

“Supalpal si Gretchen Ho. Isa ka pa man ding Volleyball Player pero target mo din palang makapamingwit ng foreign athlete na magiging negatibo ang sagot sa interview. Anong nangyari pagkatapos, isa kang MEH! Punyetang mga Elitista talaga. Hahaha!”

Another said it was an epic embarrassment for the ABS-CBN reporter after the Singaporean player refused to cooperate with her sly plan.

“Pahiya ang gaga di pinatulan sa mga tanong nyan’ng basura ..sayang mukha mo, pero ang ugali pang Squatter ng mga Lion sa gitna ng kagubatan as in UNCIVILIZED person!!!!”

One netizen commented that the ABS-CBN reporter who interviews without any trace of breeding in her bones.

“Sya pala yung mag tanong eh parangwalang, breeding. Walang ka amoramor.. not so welcoming tone and way of asking questions.”

You may watch the video below, courtesy of ABS-CBN news.

Rumors from the #SEAGames2019 have already “spread like wildfire” in their country, according to Team Singapore.Here’s some feedback from Singaporean player Mark Shen on food, transportation, and the sand courts in Subic. | via Gretchen Ho, ABS-CBN News

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