Actress Vivian Velez decries Leni Robredo’s use of bots to mass report her posts today, twice

Yesterday, March 4, 2017, PDI (Philippine Daily Inquirer) ran an article about Leni’s plan to fight back by mobilizing an army of online truth seekers.

Actress Vivian Velez claims her posts today got mass reported by Leni Robredo’s bots, perhaps to silence from speaking up against Leni.

If this is true, then Leni Robredo’s declaration of war against online trolls has just begun.

Another Duterte supporter and blogger took to Facebook telling friends that in case they don’t see him on Facebook, that could only mean one thing – Robredo has triumphed temporarily in silencing him from exercising his right to freedom of expression.

Mike Acebedo Lopez also ask Facebook to do something about Leni Robredo’s attempt to infringe his right to express and right to internet access.

Lopez called Leni the closeted dictator despite claiming otherwise.

So Leni Robredo’s War on Trolls (aka a war against free-loving citizens) has gone full swing.
Leni’s team has started to report en masse real accounts from real people who have real love for our country and our duly elected president.

I’m currently comparing notes with fellow Duterte supporters, most of whom I’ve never met but have, on our own initiative, joined forces to protect each other. And we’re reporting a common occurrence across the board: our posts are being mass reported as spam or as having violated community standards. The ultimate goal is to shut down our personal accounts or public pages (I use a personal account).

Facebook, please do something about this effort to infringe on our basic rights, our freedom to express and our right to internet access, particularly your platform.

Friends, if you don’t see my account soon, then it only means Leni the closeted dictator has triumphed momentarily. But that won’t ever stop me, us, from speaking up and exposing her for the fraud and fake she is.

What can you do to help? I’m not sure. Someone suggested to counter the reports through liking and sharing the posts from our fellow supporters, that or asking more people to follow their accounts. This is not a proven method to protect accounts being mass reported by Leni’s evil army but it’s something that may work. If you know another way or know someone from Facebook who may be able to help, please let us know.

Please share this so everyone is informed that the war Leni threatened to wage against us has begun.

Let us defend our freedoms, let us defend our Facebook pages, let us defend our President and our country!

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Source: Mike Acebedo Lopez



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