After Duterte outed Kris Aquino’s text, the latter has been eerily silent. Here’s why!

After Duterte outed Kris Aquino’s text asking not to send Pnoy to jail, Kris has been eerily silent on the issue.

Kris is Kris. She likes hogging the limelight. She would broadcast almost everything about her life. But mysteries of mysteries, no word from Kris Aquino’s camp has so far been released.

According to netizen who shared his/her analysis to the Facebook page Showbiz Government, Kris is in a quandary on how to respond to Duterte’s revelation without losing face. Check out the full text of the post below.

I really shouldn’t be writing right now because I’m currently nursing a brutal migraine but someone just sent me a pm asking, of all things, about Kris Aquino’s text message to Duterte 🙄 pleading him to not jail her bro over the Mamasapano tragedy 2 years back.

OK. First of all, Kris is in a dilemma re her alleged text message to the President. Should she confirm or deny?

We will, of course, PRESUME that Duterte was telling the truth when he mentioned the text during a very public forum.

I don’t see any rhyme or reason for him to actually lie about it. I don’t believe it was a “joke” even when he managed his audience to have a good snigger when he divulged the text message of Kris Aquino…while lambasting his own youngest son Baste in his speech, as well. Anyway, …

If Kris Aquino calls for a presscon and denies or says she didn’t send Duterte any text message of any sort…and, lo and behold!, Bong Go comes out and plasters her pleading text message from the President’s analog cellphone in social media…Kris will be labeled as a liar, wouldn’t she now?

If she confirms the text, she’ll be labeled as a beggar…and will wrought more trouble for her brother whom many of us want to see actually jailed, di ba?

So, which would be worst? To be outed as sinunggaling or a “pulubi”?

Well, Kris Aquino is never known about exercising tact.

But, right now, regarding her alleged text message to Duterte about not jailing her bro over the unnecessary deaths of 44 SAFs, it would do her well to just keep quiet about her texting the President or not. Shut up nalang cya.

Mabuti pa.
That’s all.

Your thoughts please!


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