After Henry Sy’s daughter interview with foreign journalist, Duterte supporters floating on cloud 9. Read why!

Teresita Sy-Coson is currently in Cambodia for the World Economic Forum but despite her busy schedule, she sat down with MSN reporter for an interview.

In the short interview, the daughter of the shopping mall mogul Henry Sy and the vice chairwoman of SM Investments Corporation endeared herself to the hearts of the millions of Duterte supporters by saying the right things about Duterte’s leadership and its impact on the Philippine economy that should give fits to LP supporters.

The video clip opened with the MSN reporter asked Teresity Sy-Coson with this question: “Is Philippines in danger though after pivoting too closely to China or the model should be, a bit more diversified?”

Sy-Coson: “I think our president is intelligent enough to balance the relationship and I think we are looking at China more from the economic point of view, not from the political point of view so, I guess he knows how to maintain the relationship.”

MSN reporter: “And your President is going to be here, what do you think is his message to the ASEAN is going to be and the Philippines has the chairmanship?”

Sy-Coson: “Well, his message all this time about stopping the drugs and maintaining peace and order so that the business community can thrive and also the economy can prosper. I think that’s what, perhaps, his main message. He has been leaving the business community to its own, to run its own show and without a lot of government intervention. I think that is why our economy is doing okay.”

MSN reporter: “Some of his critics have said that his policy pronouncements have been somewhat erratic, I am just curious Teresita, on the ground, how would you describe business confidence, business investor sentiment amongst foreign and domestic investors in the Philippines right now?”

Sy-Coson: “Our economy has been growing at 7% and perhaps it will maintain 6-7% and, in spite of all the skepticism, the business community has been growing and I guess we’re happy about it.”

The MSN reporter indeed by asking Teresita how’s her kind of business have been doing and she responded by telling the reporter that her business is doing okay despite the digital disruptions since they are in second and third tier cities and since it has become a community center, so they’re okay.

Kudos to social media blogger Krizette Laureta Chu for sharing this gem of an interview to inform the public that despite the doom and gloom predictions painted by Duterte’s critics, the country is doing fine and going stronger under Duterte’s brand of leadership. This what Ms. Chu wrote on Facebook to taunt the doom sayers and LP supporters. \

“BUT NO WAIT LET’S LISTEN TO WHAT DOOMSAYERS FROM LP and THE NAGMAMARUNONG ARE SAYING. I’m sure the “economists” who don’t handle billion dollar businesses know better. Or you know, those people who have 2 units of Economics. LOL. Please, let us know how badly the PH is doing, Einsteins.”

Insih Benhalid wrote: “Doomsayers are losing their millions everyday with Tatay on d forefront, that’s why they’re sour n bitter coz they are doomed! So they are desperate to throw any dirt to destabilise this government! From EJK, to police operations n d scalawags, to terrorism, to tourism, to manipulating congress to oust our deserving secretaries, and so on n so forth, relentless in their desperate efforts to unseat our beloved President! So far their attempts failed.”

Ging Blase Apusaga Franco remarked: “Kung talagang magagaling sila.. from cory to pnoy enough time na un to bring phils in the frontline here in asia..pero heto the ginagawa pa rin pain mga pobre sa lahat ng mga plano nila to satisfy their personal gratification.”

Joyce Atilano Herrera Wong commented: “I personally know Tes Sy-Coson. She is a very nice, intelligent and down to earth person. I believe in the sincerity of her opinion about the President. Yes indeed, let the self-proclaimed economists of the yellows have their say. Baka masupalpal lang sila.”

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Source: MSN (Click here to watch the video)


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