After the engineers, here comes a physician calling Leni Robredo’s BAHAYanihan houses unfit for habitation!

This woman does not fully grasp the meaning of “help.”

This is the discernment of Ethel Pineda, a medical doctor by profession, on VP Leni Robredo telling critics to help rather than criticize her BAHAYanihan project.

Pineda said VP Leni Robredo’s BAHAYanihan project put people’s lives in danger because in her book, the flimsy structures and absence of heat insulation can be considered fit for habitation.

“No way those flimsy slapdash structures with no stable foundation and heat insulation can be considered bearable for habitation. And what is she planning, a communal outhouse? This project puts people at risk.”

Pineda remarked that Robredo’s BAHAYanihan project reeks of insincerity, just a show. This gimmick, she said, boomerangs because such thing is an affront to the recipients.

“What this does is “pakitang-tao.” To show she is doing something. It backfires because this sort of thing insults the intended recipients. They deserve better than this.

Pineda ended the brief FB rant by leaving a word of advice for VP Robredo to reflect on.

“Tulungan mo sarili mo. Stop doing stupid things like this.”

Meanwhile, VP Leni Robredo found no solace when reading the comments of Pineda’s FB followers, who are equally, if not disses the harshest criticism.

This netizen reminded Robredo of her forgettable stint as a Housing Secretary.

“The reason why she got fired as housing sec.”

Another netizen chimed in. “kaya pala tinanggal as HUDDC czarina… LOL”

Meanwhile. some netizens minces no words and threw civility out of the window.

“Common sense is really lacking or non existent on this woman. Tsk.”

“Her idea of free housing is my idea of a portable bartolina.”

“On summer days whoever will live on those housing is at risk of heat stroke!”

“Nagback fire ang stunt… ngayon ang pinalalabas eh mock-up…. bakit di nalang gumawa ng diorama…. mock up lng palpak pa….. baw jusko…”


Source: Ethel Pineda

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