Airport attendant’s reaction when confronted by the litter at NAIA 3: “You haven’t seen the worst, Sir”

A photo of the litter left behind by passengers in the NAIA’s departure area has created a buzz online and drew mixed reactions from netizens.

Credits to Vince Cinches

In a Facebook post shared more than 1500 times as of Wednesday morning, Vince Cinches posted his photo taken at the NAIA Terminal 3 in an attempt to highlight the poor hygiene habits of the local airline passengers.

Mr. Cinches shared a short anecdote involving his conversation with the airline attendant shown in the photo.

ATM: NAIA 3 departure area. Check the garbage bins at the right side of the photo. Airport attendant on the left wearing a green polo shirt told me – ‘you haven’t seen the worst sir’ Ganyan ang mga pinoy, sir!

The netizens reacted with anger and dismay with the sight of the callous behavior of fellow Filipinos.

Ann Aquino wrote:

I’ve seen worst last month too, while waiting for our flight to Dumaguete. Grabeee ka undisciplined ang mga Filipino!

Slow Jonna wrote:

Nakakahiya. Ganito ba talaga tayo’ng mga Pinoy? I really despise people who doesn’t know where to throw their garbage. Such manners are first and foremost taught inside the home. Parents please teach your kids where trashbins are so they will grow as responsible adults.

Sue Vergara wrote:

We must begin now.. educating the young.. until it becomes their habit to clean up their own mess..

Some netizen offers a different take of the “messy” photo.

Darwin Suarez wrote:

That’s not true at all… One problem in that departure area is that there’s not enough garbage cans… This is Not an excuse to throw your garbage anywhere but the administrator should consider their deficiencies… Shame on you for telling na ganyan ang pinoy… Maybe kasama ka sa nagkakalat but not all pinoys…

Liliane Manahan wrote:

Ergo, we cannot blame it solely on the type of people we elect…It is the Pinoy self that needs to change… That should be change that should be forthcoming. No iron fisted not educated leader can do that. I truly believe change comes from within. Don’t blame it on the lack of trash cans either! Put your trash in your bag til you find one!

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