Alleged policeman loses cool, punched jeepney driver; allegedly pointed gun at driver before alighting van

We are told that when angry, we need to vent our anger to let off the steam. But to hurt other people? It’s a no-no!

That’s not advisable in the age of social media. For sure someone out there is ready to shoot his camera phone and upload your video on Facebook.

That’s the kind of fame or notoriety that you don’t want, right?

The video I am sharing with you illustrates my point.

In fairness to the guy in the video, we really don’t know why he got mad at the jeepney driver.

It’s true some of our jeepney drivers in the Philippines are meek like lambs, but wait until they are seated behind the wheels of their cars and jeepneys, they’ll metamorphose into crazy daredevils.

According to the allegation of AJ Camanzo, son of the jeepney driver, in Facebook, the unidentified motorist pointed a gun at his jeepney driver father, with windshields up, when the two vehicles driven by the two gentlemen were running side by side.

To avoid misquoting AJ Camanzo, let me direct you to the original post below:

Plss share !!!

Ang paglabas ng baril at pananapak ng driver ng puting van sa aking tatay (jeepney driver).

Ang kwento sakin ng aking tatay (jeepney driver). PLATE NO. UIJ 373 ng puting van.

Pa gewang gewang ang pag andar ng naSabing puting van at nang nagkagit gitan na ang jeep at ang van ay nilabas ng driver ng puting van ang baril sa windshield at tinutok sa aking tatay (driver ng jeep) at pag tigil ng van ay lumabas ang driver ng van na dala dala pa din ang baril na naka sukbit sa bewang nya at dali daling sinapak ang aking tatay habang nasa loob ng jeep .. bigla namang alis ng puting van . ( in front of maynilad beside task us boundary ng bacoor at imus )
Plss share…

Reading the comments in the thread, we learned a couple of things not revealed by AJ Camanzo:

  • the incident happened in front of Maynilad office in Bacoor
  • the motorist is allegedly a policeman. Check the post below.
  • a student recorded the incident on his camera phone

“Bakit daw ba jing gago yon ha post nyo sa abs cbn para makita nila pulis daw pala ee,” Peter Paul Pascual  wrote.

The video has angered netizens and sparked heated discussions, putting a wedge among netizens with different appreciation of the matter.  Some offered their 2 cents worth to the aggrieved party.

Aim Jhing Gonzaga Mateo wrote: “Report sa #LTO para malaman sino may ari, then pa medical at report s pulis… pakulong yan physical injury gunggong na driver yan.”

Daniel Angelo  commented: “Abusado naman ata masyado yung Adventure nya sa buhay nya , Ready naman siguro yan sa susunod na kabanata ng buhay nya.”

Engr Jason Cruz said: “Insecure mga gnyab tao.m its either cla n ka experience ng pang bubuly dati o sadyang my anger management issue.”

Posted by AJ Camanzo on Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The post has gathered 1,472 shares, 609 reactions and  303 comments.

Here’s a nice video that teaches you how to handle road age.

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