Amazing! This Syrian boy donates his 5-year savings to the homeless in Mindoro. Find out how much!

In a show of empathy, uncommon among boys of his age, this Syrian boy decides to donate Dh75, 000 (roughly 964,600.18 in Philippine peso) for the homeless families in Oriental Mindoro.

Marwan Masri

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Marwan Masri has been saving money for the last five years to purchase his dream car – a Porsche car – but when he heard of the sad plight of the typhoon victims in Pinamalayan, Oriental Mindoro who were rendered homeless in the wake of typhoon Nona, he chose the noblest thing to do, and that is to give up his money so that others may have a roof over their heads.

The young Syrian boy was hanging out in his father’s clinic in Dubai when he learned of the devastation brought about typhoon Nona in many parts of the Philippines.

Marwan was quoted as saying, “Most of my dad’s patients and staff are from the Philippines and their reactions, the fear, anxiety and worry, reminded me of the situation back home in Syria.”

Marwan added, “It reminded me of the war in Syria, the children and families that were left homeless as a result. I realized there are more things to life than luxuries and dream cars. That the money I had saved across five years could be spent for a better cause.”

The story has it that our benevolent Syrian teen has been collecting money since he was 10 from his Dad who is a General Surgeon based in Dubai, Dr. Gehad Masri. His Dad promised to give him Dh20, 000 when he gets straight A’s in school.

The Dh75, 000 from Marwan Masri was donated to the God Bless Pinamalayan Foundation which has been raising money in Dubai to rebuild the houses destroyed by typhoon Nona which struck almost a month ago.

The young Syrian boy said that his action (donating money) taught him the value of money as well as to apply the teachings of his religion.

Marwan Masri did mention that he and his father is planning to meet the typhoon victims in Pinamalayan Mindoro in the future by traveling to the Philippines.

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