Ambassador Tiglao bares secret alliance between mainstream media and CPP/NPA. Must read!

Have you ever wondered why the mainstream media are largely sympathetic to the CPP/NPA until now?

I mean, how many times have you ever read or heard of mainstream media badmouthing the communist rebels?

Well, the Facebook post of a former communist party member who also made a successful crossover as a journalist since leaving the underground movement has all the answers to the million peso question.

Social media would be crucial in the propaganda war between the Republic and the CPP/NPA.

Many of the 1970s activists and CPP cadres joined media after 1986, and are in high posts in mainstream media. Even if they’re no longer communists, they still have an ideological affinity with the CPP. Take it from me, like many in mainstream media, we were drawn to newspapers partly because we couldn’t get jobs elsewhere!

One kind of thinking is that the CPP/NPA functions to exert pressure for reforms in our society.

Another is sheer fear, that they may be accused of being traitors to the Revolution, and may be assassinated. This idea was prevalent during the heydays of the urban assassination squad ABB. Believe me, having to have to look often behind your shoulders you isn’t a nice feeling.

Most of those in mainstream media also imbibed the ethos of the 1970s with Mao, Che Gueverra, and Ho Chi Minh as their gods in this revolutionary secular religion, and think that condemning the Left isn’t chic.

There is also the Satur Ocampo and Carol Pagaduan-Araullo types who’re getting old and sickly and think their last role in the Revolution would be as columnists weakening the Establishment through misinformation and propaganda.And there is Rappler, who would go to bed with the communists if this helps in putting down Duterte.

There is also that shit-I-missed-the-Revolution types. These are young or not so young journalists who have been brain-washed that the 1970s were the days of the glorious (attempt at) Revolution. But they missed it as they were so square then. So now they’re trying to make up.

The worst kind are those who’ve abandoned the country and live comfortably in the US and Canada — living off the wealth of what they had condemned as imperialists before — and bad-mouth the country, thinking doing so assuages their guilt in abandoning their country and the Revolution.

For all these reasons, you’d notice that mainstream media has largely been sympathetic to the CPP and NPA.

Social media journalists have no such fetters and fears.

It is their big responsibility now to help this Republic end the communist scourge RJ Nieto Sass Rogando Sasot MOCHA USON BLOGAntonio P. Contreras Jojo A. Robles MJ Quiambao ReyesMike Acebedo LopezDarwin CaƱete (my deepest apologies if missed names of other cyber journalists.)

Credits to Bobi Tiglao (former Ambassador to Cyprus and Greece)

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