American defends Duterte from oligarchs, western media in wake of Hitler comparison brouhaha

A video defending President Duterte from the backlash from critics due to the alleged Hitler comparison remark is making the rounds online.

President Duterte’s latest defender came from the least expected, from an American named John Arceneaux who threw in his five cents worth in the brouhaha created by the Duterte “Hitler comparison” to defend him.

Mr. John Arceneaux claimed he posted the video ahead of the Western media before they slaughter the image of President Duterte in the international audience.

Mr. Arceneaux began by questioning the historical fact that 3 million Jews were massacred by Hitler.

There is a question with that to begin with.

At this point, Mr. Arceneaux began a short discourse on how the local and international media got all Duterte’s statement wrong!

There is a difference what Hitler historically did to the Jews and what President Duterte is elaborating on dealing with the drug abusers, peddlers, pushers, addicts. Duterte has seen 30 years of erosion because of the drug culture.

Pres. Duterte knows intimately exactly who is profiting(?) from the drug culture. He accuses Trillanes, yellowturds, senators and congressmen.

Pres. Duterte cares about the children first and the next generation of Filipinos. By the rule of the law and enforcing the law, for the first time because Aquino did not enforce the law, he abused the law and the people of the Philippines suffered. Aquino was in office wasting money by getting a trillion dollar loan from the US and the World Bank and fucking his own people…yeah he was.

He appealed to the netizens to make his video viral because he warns, the Westerners are coming with their bullshit. They gonna try to elaborate and twist the President’s words to make it sound like the President compared himself to Hitler which John disagreed.


According to John’s interpretation of what Duterte said, he did not say he will massacre 3 million addicts. Duterte said, “If he had to, he would, but he would rather be them criminals.” In other words, he is not gonna go out and vigilante justice on every addicts and users. He is dealing with the facts if the police go to apprehend the drug suspects and the drug suspects fire on the police, and the police have the order to defend themselves and they can kill to defend their own lives.

As of this writing, the video has been shared more than 16,000 times and viewed mre than 300,000 times on Facebook.

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Credits to John Arceneaux


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