American woman pledges support for “Dirty Harry” Duterte in viral video

A viral video of another foreigner appealing on behalf of her Filipino husband to vote for Duterte has been doing the rounds online.

American woman campaigning for Duterte 2

Credits to video owner

In a Facebook post shared 2293 times, a netizen using a handle Rich Bay published the video of the American woman who is asking the Filipinos to vote for Mayor Duterte.

The woman identified herself as Linda Baesa from Ohio, US is actually the wife of the video publisher.

Linda said that she has visited the Philippines several times and even owns a house in Manila.

Linda narrated that she is a frequent visitor of Davao City together with her husband who hails from the city.

Linda said that she loves the place (Davao City) because it is beautiful and very clean.

She said the reason why Davao City is so crime-free and such a good place to be, hence she feels safe and secure because of “Mr. Dirty Harry” Mayor Duterte.

In addition, Linda said people in Davao are lovely and kind, especially to American tourist like her so that explains her affinity for the city.

Linda believes Mayor Duterte is capable of transforming the rest of the cities of the Philippines like Davao City.

Before ending the short speech, she pledged her support for “Dirty Harry” Duterte and hoped that the rest of the Filipinos will also support him in the coming election.

The phenomenon of foreigners campaigning on behalf of a local politician vying for a national position is unprecedented in the history of Philippine politics.

Perhaps, this phenomenon could be attributed partly to the power of the social media that created the Duterte legend in combination with Mayor Duterte’s appeal which proves to be too strong to resist even for foreigners?

According to (Sec. 95 OEC), Foreigners and foreign corporations are not allowed to make contributions for political purposes. Not sure though if foreigners campaigning in the social media is covered by this law.

****My wife in favor for my place of birth Mayor Rodrigo Duterte running for Philippine Presidency. She calls him DIRTY HARRY….L0L…

Posted by Rich Bay on Wednesday, March 23, 2016

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