‘ANO KAYO, HILO?’ — Radio host to netizens rejoicing after SC junked Calida’s quo warranto vs ABS-CBN


This is the initial reaction of radio host and known pro-Duterte socmed blogger Mark Lopez to ABS-CBN supporters/sympathizers who are jubilating after the SC junked quo warranto petition filed by SolGen Jose Calida.

Lopez figured there is no reason for ABS-CBN supporters to celebrate after the SC dismissed the petition because in the first place, there is no more franchise to decide when it has already expired.

‘Peeps, kaya dismissed ng Supreme Court ang kaso ng Quo Warranto ni SolGen Calida kasi wala ng franchise na pinag uusapan dahil nga expired na.’

Lopez asked if ABS-CBN’s franchise was the subject and the intention of the quo warranto petition to nullify because of various violations?

‘Di ba ang subject and intention ng QW petition ay ang pag NULLIFY NG ABS CBN FRANCHISE dahil nga sa mga violations nito?’

Lopez added that after May 4, there was no longer a franchise, what was there to nullify or a case to talk about when it was no longer existent?

‘Pero dahil after May 4 eh wala ng franchise, ano pa ang i nullify o pag uusapan sa kaso eh wala na nga.’

At this juncture, Lopez mentioned a term, in an attempt to drive home his point to the sympathizers and supporters of ABS-CBN.


Lopez pleaded to the public to believe the ‘stupid fans’ of ABS-CBN claiming victory.

‘Kaya puede ba, huwag kayong maniwala sa mga TANGA HANGA ng ABS CBN na sila ay nanalo sa kaso…’

Lopez wrapped up the rant by telling socmed that ABS-CBN did not win, they are merely groggy.



One netizen agreed with Mark Lopez’s explanation and commented, ‘It already moot and academic, the franchise ended in accordance with the law of the land in May, nothing to rule about. It’s finished!’

Another netizen chime din, ‘That’s correct. There’s nothing to discuss any question of law. Since the issue or subject itself is the “franchise”.
No franchise nothing to discuss. Throw it back to the Crocs n Vultures in Congress.
A Pontious Pilates act.
I’m not a lawyer. But the logic is simple to understand. I believe it can be revived by Calida if……’

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Source: Mark Lopez

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