Another Balikbayan revealed she ‘paid ‘400 pesos out of fear due to ‘Laglag Bala’ or ‘Tanim Bala’ scam at NAIA!

Mavic Templo with Almelor of TV Patrol.

Mavic Templo with Almelor of TV Patrol.

After the ‘Laglag Bala’ was exposed in the social media by Rhed Austria de Guzman and the subsequent expose on prime time TV by Dominic Almelor of TV Patrol of a similar incident involving an American missionary, more and more victims of the same modus operandi are starting to come out in the open to tell their own horror stories.

Such is the revelation of Mavic Templo, a Pinay now based in Los Angeles, California. She revealed during the interview via Viber with Dominic Almelor of TV Patrol that it was on September 2012 when she was victimized by the same modus operandi using the ‘Laglag Bala’ or ‘Tanim Bala’ trick.

She recalled she was flying to the US with her family when this unfortunate event occurred while passing through the security check prior to the entry to the pre – departure area.

Based on the Mavic’s account, her luggage ‘allegedly’ contained a strange thing according to one of the security personnels. “Meron ba kayong dalang anting-anting or amulet?” “Maam, are you carrying an amulet?” She replied, “Wala.” The security personnel told her there is something strange inside in her luggage.

So without further adieu, the security personnel openned her luggage and when they saw the coin purse, one of them emptied it and voila, a.22 caliber bullet was found!

Mavic Templo vehemently denied she had something to do with the bullet. The security personnel told her that carrying a bullet is illegal. She recalled she was shaking in her boots so to speak in fear. Then one of the security personnels asked her if she knew a General and when she said no, the threatening atmosphere started to turn into a blackmailing exercise by the NAIA staffs.

Baka mahuli kayo sa flight nyo. Papuntahin mo na ang asawa, mga anak niyo. Mag-check-in, basta kayo na bahala sa akin.

Roughly translated…

You might miss your flight. Tell your husband, your children to go ahead. You may check-in in a short while, but you have to take care of me first.

To avoid missing the flight, she told the TV reporter that she paid 400 pesos because that was all the Philippine money in her purse.

Meanwhile, an airline employee who wants to remain anonymous spoke to the reporter about the scam. He said this is an old trick used by these people to travelers and most of them refused to file a formal complaint to avoid missing their flights or seeing an ugly record reflected on their passports.

David de Castro, spokesman of the MIAA spoke to the reporter and assuaged the public that they will seriously investigate the matter against the four security personnels involved in the ‘Laglag Bala’ or ‘Tanim Bala’ scam. He further said,

We are regretful for the inconveniences that happened to our passengers. All those found to be at fault will be dealt with accordingly.

The PNP Aviation Security reminded the travelers that should their luggage raise an alarm, the baggage inspector should ask permission first from the owner of the ‘hot’ luggage and the passenger should closely monitor the movements of the baggage inspector.

To minimize your chances of falling victim to this scam, I suggest you watch this video HERE so that you will have an inkling how these people carry out their plan. In addition, the video will show you what type of luggage that is foolproof from such as scam.

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