Anti-fake news bill proponent Sen. Villanueva peddling fake 17,000 jobs in UK? Brit’s open letter says so!

Ironic! Sen. Joel Villanueva, who made headlines following his proposal to penalize people peddling fake news, is now accused of peddling fake news himself.

In a GMA News news report on Sunday, Senator was quoted making the statement that “UK has generously offered us a variety of job opportunities fit for our world-class skilled workers.”

Villanueva added that the UK is looking for civil engineers, foremen, nurses, caregivers, computer programmers, cooks, bookkeepers, and cashiers. [GMA News]

Villanueva relayed the good news to Filipino job seekers after meeting with UK officials.

However, a UK national named Malcolm Conlan told Sen. Joel Villanueva that he is sadly mistaken and there is no such thing as 17,000 UK jobs. The gentleman from UK hoped that the senator could his office to ensure that the correct messages are being reported back home.

Read the the post below.

Dear Senator Joel Villanueva,
Senate of the Philippines

Dear Senator,

I hope you don’t mind, but I was a bit concerned over a news report from GMA News, where you were apparently quoted as saying ‘Filipinos could avail for more than 17,000 job openings in the United Kingdom.

This was apparently something which you said on Sunday. Sadly, there have been a lot of reports recently in media claiming that there are an abundance of available jobs in the United Kingdom as carers, chefs, drivers etc. I have to tell you that you are sadly mistaken.

Of course there are always job vacancies in the UK, but unskilled jobs are always filled from candidates from within the UK and Europe. It would not make any financial sense to recruit from the Philippines to fill these positions. (As much as I would personally like to see as many filipino workers in the UK as possible).

I am very sure that these recent reports of UK job openings came about following a Fake FB Post from a Fake Philippine Overseas Employment Administration account.

I hope and pray Senator that you and your honourable colleagues are able to address this fake news and thus prevent Filipinos from being scammed and handing over their hard earned money to fake recruitment agencies.

Of course if you didn’t say this and were indeed misquoted, I humbly apologise, but hope you can use your office to ensure that the correct messages are being reported back home.

Maraming Salamat po Sir,
Best regards
Malcolm Conlan
British Citizen,

Who do you think is telling the truth?

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