Are taxi drivers in the thick of the ‘Tanim Bala’ scam?

It remains a puzzle how ‘bullets’ turned up at the luggage of a couple of airline passengers who knew their bags or luggage were clean when they stepped out of their homes before proceeding to the airport.

Taxi in Tanim Bala

A friend of mine has his own theory of how those bullets mysteriously ended up in the bag of the would-be victims of the ‘Tanim Bala’ scam.

Corrupt Airline baggers are part of the NAIA syndicate

This theory is applicable to passengers who flew all the way to NAIA via the local airline from the province. Unbeknownst to the passenger, a bullet was already planted in his or her luggage by an airline bagger before the passenger was able to get hold of his or her belongings in the airport in Manila.

The planting of the bullet can also be accomplished by the porter if the airline passenger decides to hire the services of the former.

However, this theory is not applicable if the bullet was found in the airline passenger’s hand carry bag.

Some taxi drivers are part of the NAIA syndicate responsible for Tanim Bala

This is not absurd. The temptation to make quick money is irresistible to some people, including the taxi drivers who choose to connive with the NAIA syndicates in exchange for a quick money.

Recently, the Even de Mata Page shared the experience of the friend of a seaman who was almost victimized by this scam.

The letter sender opened his message warning the readers to stay away from Vigil Taxi with plate number UKV 190.

According to the story, the sender said his friend texted him on the night of October 29 asking for an advice because he noticed that the taxi driver, he was riding on the way to NAIA put something in his luggage.

The sender advised his friend not to proceed to the NAIA. Instead, he advised his seaman friend to drop by at his boarding house.

As soon as the taxi arrived, he asked the driver to alight from the taxi. He gave the taxi driver a good scolding, but instead of explaining his side in a calm manner, the taxi driver puts on a brave face. True enough, when they opened the luggage, a .38 bullet was found inside the luggage.

His seaman friend who was in a hurry to catch an international flight hailed another taxi and left. The seaman did not even bother to file a complaint. Instead, the friend filed the complaint at the nearest police station and at the LTFRB.

The sender ended his message by encouraging the OFW’s to be careful with their luggage. He said it’s better that the taxi driver is NOT involved in the handling of the luggage, especially when the passenger can’t see what the taxi driver is doing to the bags.

You may check the screenshot of the post below:

taxi driver in Tanim Bala scam

Do you have any theory regarding the Tanim Bala incidents? Please feel free to share your own theory.

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