Arm twisting? Former Pnoy top lawyer criticizes Duterte’s means in going after businesses who owed huge sums to the government

While social media hails Duterte’s latest triumph after Lucio Tan PAL’s agreed to settle their dues to the government, Pnoy’s top lawyer calls this “arm twisting”.

Big businesses like Mighty Corporation, Uber, the Prietos of PDI and lately, Lucio Tan’s PAL who owed huge sums to the government have no other choice but to settle their dues, otherwise, the government will go hard at them.

Just today, Bloomberg TV Philippines announced that PAL agreed to settle the P6B aviation fees to the government, otherwise Duterte will order PAL to stop using the airport terminal they occupy in NAIA.

Netizen Rodney Bautista is all praises for Duterte. “This is leadership. Decisiveness. Action and result oriented. P6B magagamit na agad sa projects at programa ng government. Kung idadaan sa kaso kaso to malamang abutin 48 yrs bago magka settle.”

Netizen Teri Elazegui Seno echoes Bautista’s sentiment. “It took a Duterte to do this. It took a Duterte for this to happen! 👊🏼❤️🇵🇭”

Not sure what former Pnoy Solicitor General had for breakfast this morning but Florin Hilbay decided to play the spoiler’s role and took to Twitter criticizing Duterte’s method as “arm twisting”.

Hilbay’s tweet earned a strong reply from Sass Rogando Sasot, Duterte’s number 1 social media defender.

Florin Hilbay, ang tawag diyaan ay POLITICAL WILL. If you want to make an omelette, you’ve got to break some eggs. Immediate cash? Eh ang tagal nang issue ang Mighty Corp at Lucio Tan’s utang sa gobyerno. It’s about time na magbayad na sila. At hindi ninyo iyan nagawa noong time ninyo. That’s the inconvenient truth.

Netizen Ruth May M Yuzon remarks: “Arm twisting,”??? You make it sound as if the money in payment of the debt will go straight to Duterte’s pocket, eh hindi naman. It will go to the government, and it is LONG OVERDUE!!!”

Ang irate Villie Fidelzorro resorts to name-calling in light of Hilbay’s tweet. “Bobo ka pala FLORIN HILBAY dinatnan ni duterte yang utang ng mighty at lucio tan bilyon pa halaga…hindi arm twisting dpt dyan pilipit leeg dapat….di nasingil ni noynoy ngayun nasingil ng duterte administration hindi ka pa masaya..NAPAKALAKING TANGA MO FLORIN HILBAY!!!”

Graciano Habagat calls Hilbay idiot. “florin hillbay is idiot, if lucio tan is canadian and he shotchanged tax canada, the federal government of canada will not just twist his arm, they will crushed his balls and jail him.”

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