Arnell Ignacio’s classy delivery in challenging Jim Paredes to a debate earns him praises on social media. Watch!

After Bruce Rivera, actor-comedian Arnell Ignacio called out Jim Paredes to a live debate in response to the latter’s viral video.

The actor-comedian, who is working for the Duterte government, delivered his challenge to the singer-songwriter as composed as possible, devoid of the shouting that characterized Jim’s confrontation with members of the Duterte Youth group.

As of this writing, the video has gathered 237,000 views, 2,882 shares, 9.683 reactions and 676 comments.

Let us check how netizens react to Arnell’s video.

Rye Dio commented: “So classy, calm but intense. direct to the point! i don’t remember how many times I replay it.”

Karlo Benito Cruz praised Arnell:SO DIGNIFIED! This I want to See… an intellectual and objective discussion of the issues. At that level of intelligence and execution, you will go a long way.”

Nerraw Zechnas said: “With “a calm spine-chilling confidence” ang message mo Sir Arnell I hope nag diapers yun baka ma ihi yun sa nerbyos pag na kita to video mo. LOL”

Ana Saito noted Arnel’s delivery: Love the message and how you deliver it…. So subtle!!! Unlike Jim Paredes”

Kriisavia Jeff Gee Cabungcal have nothing but contempt on Jim: I feel the same Arnell but those kids just did the right thing and I commend them for that. Personalities like Jim are swallowed by desperation and disbelief that everything he thought to believe was in a ruinous price to get shattered in front of him. The act was so despicable that it doesn’t bear the values and principles of what a true democracy is meant to be. Wherever this brings us, you and those out there with the heart of a true patriot to the country, you have all the support from us across the globe.”

Below is the transcript of Arnell Ignacio’s video.

Jim my friend, I must admit that was nasty.

Shouting those kids who were just standing there and holding on to a tarpaulin stating their beliefs.

EDSA has no exclusivity.

Remember you invited everyone to come. And they did. While you were shouting at them, they did not answer back in passion similar to yours. Probably they didn’t juts know how.

Why don’t you take somebody who will answer you back? Si Bruce Rivera o kaya ako? Let’s do this LIVE!

Jim naman eh

Posted by Arnell Arevalo Ignacio on Saturday, February 25, 2017

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