Ateneo alum slams CNN Philippines: Shame on you for twisting facts so conveniently and creating your own version of reality

Ateneo alumna Christine Cunanan took to Facebook lashing out at CNN Philippines’ Buena Bernal for what she called a bias narrative of the 31st EDSA anniversary.

Christine was reacting to the article she read on CNN about the anti-Duterte protests with the headline “Philippine protesters condemn drug war on anniversary of uprising.”

The indignant Cunanan couldn’t help but ask Ms. Bernal if she did actually attend journalism school.

Cunanan did not like how the CNN reporter failed to get the entire picture of the 31 Edsa People Power celebration.

Cunanan admitted that there was indeed an EDSA rally from the anti-Duterte forces but she described as a puny crowd.

She said this is contrast to the massive crowd that showed up in pro-Duterte rally in the Quirino Grandstand.


So I get online this morning and on CNN’s news site there’s an article by Buena Bernal about the anti-Duterte protests with the headline “Philippine protesters condemn drug war on anniversary of uprising.”

Ms. Bernal and biased CNN, whatever happened to reporting the entire picture and including what happened on the other side? Ms. Bernal, did you actually go to journalism school?

Sure, there was an EDSA rally over the weekend. But it was an incredibly pitiful showing of “force” considering the massive campaigns of the Church, the yellows and academic communities like the Ateneo (my alma mater) to get people to show up at EDSA and rally against #DU30.

In contrast, the pro-#Duterte rally at Luneta was a huge outpouring of people from all walks of life — and not one peep about this on CNN news site. At least as far as I could see. There’s a column of headlines on the side that you can click, and the anti-Duterte protest article was right up there.

And this Ms. Bernal didn’t even think to mention anything about the pro-Duterte rally, focusing instead on this puny rally in EDSA.


Folks, I hope you’re aware of how biased the news you’re reading in the newspapers and online are. Most mainstream media are reporting with very distinct angles to suit their own agendas.

Most local media are aligned with anti-Duterte forces (aka as the previous administration) or are being pressured by the conservatives and the Church. Perhaps the Church is threatening them with eternal damnation?


As for the Western media, we all know their bias. They’re for headlines that sell and stories that they believe either promote liberal Western values or go against these (like Duterte stories), believing that there’s only one way — and it’s the liberal Western way. They love attacking people who aren’t aligned with these values.

Of course, the Western media reporters aren’t the ones who have to live with the drugs, slums, crime and squalor. So it’s quite easy for them to fly in, stay at a nice hotel, write a catchy story and then fly out again.


I’ve studiously avoided getting off the fence about the EDSA Anniversary because EDSA is nothing more than a street to me nowadays.

The pro-EDSA movements are now so heavily populated by Johnny Come Lately types who I never saw in the activist movements or on EDSA itself when I was there for its entirety. Yes, I was there from the first minute it began happening.


And I so dislike the fact that the Yellows have turned a color and a street into a religious cult.

I also believe that President Duterte, for all his faults (and we all have them), is still the best person for the presidency. He certainly is one of the few leaders with a real heart in nation full of hypocritical politicians.

As for you, CNN and Ms. Bernal, shame on you for twisting facts so conveniently and creating your own version of reality, so that unknowing readers will think that Manila was all about anti-Duterte protests last weekend; ignoring the massive outpouring of support for our President and, yes, for his anti-drugs campaign, at Luneta.

Christine Cunanan is the publisher and editor-in-chief of TraveLife, a the leading lifestyle magazine in the Philippines.

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