Atheist Italian doc turns to God after he realizes man’s knowledge is limited & we need God on our side to fight covid-19

I’ve read a couple of times in socmed that the churches in Europe are going empty on Sundays because many Europeans have gone atheist.

An Italian doctor in Lombardy, the epicenter of the covid-19 crisis in Italy, said he and his co-workers are atheists and he even laughed at his parents for going to the church.

Well, that what was two weeks ago, before covid-19 started making a lot of elderly Italians very, very sick and k!lling them by the hundreds each passing day.

The poignant testimony of an Italian doctor was shared on Facebook by Dr. Naeem Nasir on Tuesday, March 24, 2020.

You may read the powerful and eye-opening story from Lombardy Italy.

Let’s keep praying.

A doctor in Lombardy tells us: “In my darkest nightmare, I never thought I’d see and experience this thing that’s been going on here in our hospital for the past three weeks. This horror grown every day, has become impossible and we have become useless.

At first, only a few people came, then a hundred. . and now we are no longer doctors but selectors… we have to decide who lives, who dies by sending them home even if these people honestly paid taxes in Italy.

Two weeks ago now my co-workers and I were atheists. That was the norm, to believe in science. And science removes the presence of God. I always laughed at my parents because they were going to church.

Nine days ago, a 75-year-old pastor came to our house with serious breathing problems.

He had a Bible and he read to the dying every day by holding their hand. We were both mentally and physically exhausted and bitter, but when we had time we sat and listened. Now we have to admit it; as human beings, we have reached our limits, we can’t do anything! More and more people die every day. We are exhausted, two of our companions are dead and the others are barely standing.

We have realized that man’s scientific knowledge is limited and we need God! We started praying whenever we had a few minutes. Incredible but anchored atheist, we came to God and found peace! He helps us persevere so that we can take care of patients.

Yesterday the 75-year-old shepherd passed away like never before (even though we’ve had 120 dead in the last three weeks), we were all devastated. Because the old shepherd, while he was with us, managed to bring peace among us that I never had any hope of finding.

The shepherd has gone to the Lord, and we will follow soon. I haven’t been home in six days, I don’t know when I ate for the last time, and I realized that so far how useless I was on this earth. I would like to offer my help to others until my last breath. I am happy to find God and I want to serve him by helping my fellow man until my last breath.


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Source: Dr. Naeem Nasir


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