Atty. Bruce Rivera burns Trillanes: Kumbaga sa jeep, siya (Duterte) ang driver. Kung ayaw mo kung saan tayo pupunta, sorry na lang

When Sen. Trillanes was sought for comment regarding rumor that he was trying to stop Trump’s visit, he denied this is true.

These things are carefully planned and cannot be stopped on the mere say of a Philippine senator. Be assured that I pushed for the interest of our country. But let me emphasize that interest of our country are not necessarily the same as the interest of Mr. Duterte.

The tone of Trillanes statement did not make Atty. Bruce Rivera very happy and merited a Facebook status update reprimanding the senator for being presumptuous in a couple of ways.

Let us read Atty. Bruce Rivera’s post below and see if his arguments are valid.

Dear Senator Trillanes

Here is the problem with your statement.

First of all, your job is a not diplomatic position where you represent the country and make representations in behalf of the Philippines. It is to legislate laws. So, I do not know where there are alliances in this regard because that job is executive in character.

Second, how can someone push for the interest of a country when you met the same Senator who due to unverified allegations of human rights abuses lobbied for the US Senate to stall a gun order of the PNP thereby putting our police in jeopardy?

Third, how can another Senator, also not mandated the task of implementing and executing make alliances in the narcotics crisis.

Fourth, and I mean this in a very honest way. While it may be your supposition that the interest of Duterte is not the interest of the country. Your interest is also not the interest of the country. Why? We never gave you the oportunity to determine our interest. We only gave you the power to make laws, which you are not good at.

Sad for you, Duterte is given the duty to determine the direction we are going. Kumbaga sa jeep, siya ang driver. Kung ayaw mo kung saan tayo pupunta, sorry na lang.

Netizen Luis Mata remarks the senator’s action is ground for treason. “Trillanes is not a member of the PHILIPPINE DIPLOMATIC CORPS or appointed to do any diplomatic mission or relations for the Philippine Government.

Exchanging or providing government information to a foreign country is ground for TREASON!

Trillanes has been publicly asking people to fight against the administration over-and-over again and he should be filed for SEDITION.

Trillanes has been involved to overthrow the Arroyo government in July 23, 2003 (OAKWOOD MUTINY) and November 29, 2007 (MANILA PENINSULA SEIGE) and was charged of REBELLION but got freed by his master JAUNDICE PRESIDENT (abNOY)! And, even did multiple attempts to overthrow the Duterte administration domestically and globally…

Why is TRILLANES still scot-free and even go to other countries to spread rumors and lies to ruin our country’s reputation and image? That’s ECONOMIC SABOTAGE and TREASON…”


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