Atty. Bruce Rivera nicknamed PRRD, the “Master Taunter” and his explanation will make you love Duterte even more!

When Pres. Duterte disappeared from public view for a couple of days, the opposition drooled at the prospect of their return to power via Robredo is just a matter of time.

The social media was flooded with speculations about the President’s health and worse, his demise purportedly of terminal illness.

When Malacanang came out with photos to show that the President was simply resting after following a grueling schedule even before the Maute and ASG militants started wreaking havoc in Marawi, critics refused to believe Duterte is ok and remarked the photos were edited.

Funny, the supporters of the the previous administration demanded a video of the President to finally end the rumor about the President’s health.

When Malacanang acquiesced to the critics demand and released a video of the President disembarking from a chopper, saluting, walking and shaking hands with a military officer, the opposition wanted Malacanang to release medical clearance of the President.

A veteran journalist who hates Duterte wrote on Facebook that she wanted Duterte to hold a press conference to finally laid to rest any malicious speculations about the President.

Just today, President Duterte surfaced in Butuan and personally doused cold water to the dirty rumors surrounding his disappearance from the public view and to the point even joked about him not in a coma as the rumor alleged but simply he was in the “kama” (bed) to rest.

After PRRD appeared on TV, one can only imagine the reaction of his critics who wish him ill since they can’t wait to return to power.

Meanwhile, Atty. Bruce Rivera, one of Duterte’s staunch defenders on social media came out with an explanation on Facebook to make sense of Duterte’s disappearing act and the reason behind it.

Note: Atty. Bruce Rivera is speaking based on his personal opinion. But, after reading it, there is a morsel of truth to Atty. Rivera’s post. Well, depending on what side you are on.

Read the post below.


The thing I like most about my President is that he has the sickiest sense of rumor. If you hate him, he will taunt you and make angrier to your bones. And the Yellows just had a dose of this.

Let me tell you how he did it.

The past months, we have been attacked by terrorists, fake news, by Yellow cynicism, the Yellow trolls and by the scourge of Trillanes, Hontiveros, Bam etc and of course, Leni.

And PRD takes everything like a man. He showed them he is human after all. He made it appear that he was affected by the onslaught. That it was wearing him down. And then, he took a leave. And on Independence Day.

Of course, the Yellows took advantage. How dare would he miss his first Independence Day Ceremony. He taunted the opposition by letting the ambitious bitch play President for a day. He gave them hope. He gave them a sight of a Leni presidency. Which to many, was as uneasy as getting fucked in the ass by a baseball bat full throttle.

And more hope. He made them think he was sick. That perhaps his age would have caught up with him. Perhaps, their dreams (the Yellows) of his demise has become a reality. And he posted pics of him in bed like a sick man. And the Yellows drooled….”Could it be? Napatay ba natin sa kunsumisyon???”, they quipped.

Then, the awful truth tastes like a much bitter pill. PRD is alive. Comes out of a helicopter, crispier than ever. Perhaps, nagpa-stem cell ang lolo mo kasi mas bumata at mas pumogi.

And the Yellows hate him more. The joke was on them. And to add drama…he wore a shitty Yellow brown leather jacket. As if saying…tae kayo. Dilawang tae.

And I laughed. So hard, the whole of Manhattan can hear it. Loida could freaking hear it.
Na-Duterte ulit kayo, mga ulol!!!!

As of this writing, the post has gathered 870 shares, 4,447 reactions and 212 comments on Facebook.

While Atty. Rivera’s supporter loved his post, he has a fair share of haters too.

Ruben Carranza wrote: “Damn. I don’t know which is more atrocious: the logic or the writing.”

A troll named Jack Cole remarked: “his picture coming out of chopper in a brown leather jacket is an old photo being rehashed to stem the tide of conjecture and wishful thinking on our part. it would be so easy for him to just speak to a camera and reassure his loyal fans that there’s nothing to worry about, but alas, he has not done so. you guys are buying enough time for BBM to win his protest so he can usurp the throne. wawang pinas”

On the other hand, Atty. Rivera’s followers had a blast reading his post.

Marygrace Garde wrote: “Our dear Tatay President is a brilliant political strategist indeed. He makes his yellow critics/enemies eat Shit every opportunity he can.
Na Duterte Na naman ang mga Dilaw , Lol!

And Thank you Atty Bruce V. Rivera for your warped sense of humor ,you just made the yellow cult minions taste the rotten Shit that they are spewing with this post …. 😂😂😂😂. Love your post!!!”

Cecille Fernandez commented: “Atty, and when u laughing so hard and you try to stop, but you look at the dilawang tae and laugh again. Hahahaha I so love it!!!”

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