Atty. Bruce Rivera on allegation of ‘keyboard army’: “PRD, not being internet savvy surely does not know this, if indeed there is such a thing”

According to mainstream media reports, the Duterte government has maintained a ‘keyboard army’ to amplify public support for the war on drugs.

As of this writing, Malacanang has not issued a statement regarding the allegation.

However, Atty. Bruce Rivera, one of Duterte’s staunch supporter on social media flatly denied the allegation of ‘keyboard army’ on his latest status update on Facebook.

Although, Rivera has been telling his Facebook followers that he does not have personal access to PRD, he believes that PRD, who is not internet savvy, does not know this, if indeed such things exist.

I am being attacked by bots so there must be some way of knowing if these allegations are true or not and if the other side are also doing the same to attack us. The truth of the matter is, there are trolls bashing me who appear to be anti and pro government. Some are anti two months ago and pro-government last week. In short, there has been so much dishonesty in this realm of information.

And PRD not being internet savvy surely does not know this operation, if indeed there is such a thing. But if there is such an allegation, the government should investigate by launching an independent inquiry just to determine if indeed there is manipulation of perception done by both administration and opposition.
Because if this is indeed true, anong pinagkaiba natin sa nakaraang kinamuhian natin.

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