Atty. Bruce Rivera to Jim Paredes: Alam mo Jim ako ang kalabanin mo, ako ang harapin ako ang sigawan mo wag kang pumili ng bata

Jim Paredes is now the buzz on social media after his video bullying young Duterte supporters who heeded his call to go to Edsa has gone viral online.

Ironically, the singer-songwriter and Yellow supporter tweeted yesterday, February 24, 2017 asking the people to go to Edsa regardless of one’s political color to join the commemoration of the Edsa People Power 1.

But when the Duterte Youth answered his call, the Facebook page Crabbler lamented, Jim Paredes went on a tirade.

“Ngayong pumunta sa EDSA ang Duterte Youth, naghuramentado ka. Nakakastress ka, Jim Paredes. Make up your mind! Hahaha.”

An angry Atty. Bruce Rivera, went on Facebook live and gave Jim Paredes a good tongue lashing for bullying people half his age.

Rivera told Jim Paredes not to pick young people because they won’t fight back due to several reasons like embarrass to talk back to a senior citizen like Jim, not yet earning as good as Jim, low social status etc..

Rivera reminded Jim Paredes that those young people he bullied went to the Edsa shrine to express their political beliefs and aspirations which is precisely what Jim and the Yellows have been saying after de Lima was arrested.

Rivera emphatically told Paredes to call him anytime, set the date, time and place for a face-off.

As of this writing, Atty. Bruce Rivera’s video has gathered 147,000 views, 3,833 shares, 12,936 reactions and 2,000 comments and counting.

Atty. Rivera’s supporters on Facebook rallied their support behind to show their indignation against Jim Paredes behavior towards the hapless Duterte supporters who were clearly intimidated by the singer-songwriters stature in the showbiz industry.

Para kay Jim Paredes

Bruce Villafuerte Rivera
Minerva Fuschia Rivera

Posted by Bruce V. Rivera on Saturday, February 25, 2017

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