Atty. Jude Sabio links group of Trillanes, De Lima, Fr. Alejo, Leni Robredo to Bikoy videos & destab plot vs Duterte, expresses willingness to face any inquiry?

Erwin Tulfo interviewed Atty. Jude Sabio recently regarding his much publicized rift or as they say break up with ex-Senator Trillanes because of unpaid retainer’s fee that stands at P700K.

In the Tulfo interview, Sabio answered the most popular question of netizens in social media like, “What went wrong? Suddenly, he jumped ship and abandoned the Trillanes camp? ”

Atty. Sabio responded that it all started when he was recruited to be Bikoy’s lawyer. The recruitment happened during their meeting in Novotel Hotel in QC.

According to Sabio, that meeting was different from their previous meetings because Sabio’s wife, Joan scolded Trillanes which he said never happened before. Sabio said he was caught by surprised and the meeting was uneventful. The “Ang Totoong Narcolist” videos turned out to be a disaster.


Sabio said that since April 2019 and until he talked about it at Mindanao Gold column, he did not reveal the meeting and the recruitment to the public.

Said he even watched Trillanes’ senate privilege speech wherein Trillanes said the vetting of the documents and the “Totoong Narcolist” videos was not finished yet. That Sabio said made him wondered why he was recruited as Bikoy’s lawyer?

Sabio reckoned that had he accepted the job and represented Bikoy at the Ombudsman, his reputation would certainly take a hit.

Sabio explained to Tulfo that if you get a lawyer, make sure your allegations have basis. According to Sabio, lawyers refuse to handle cases that are baseless.

Sabio remarked that it did not come to point where he meets Bikoy and assess his statements because before that, he was already upset when Trillanes’ camp asked him if his license was updated.

Sabio felt questioning his license was an affront to him and his profession.

Tulfo asked Sabio to confirm if indeed his wife warned Trillanes not to push through with Bikoy because that would be his downfall, Sabio answered in the affirmative.

Sabio told Erwin that his wife has this unique ability and it has been proven several times in the past, that is why when her wife warned Trillanes about Bikoy, he felt he had no reason not to follow his instinct.

Sabio stated that Trillanes was lucky that he was given a warning that is the reason he mentioned it his column.

In the Novotel meeting, Sabio recalled warning Trillanes that Bikoy was a trap. Besides, Sabio said Trillanes has an unpaid obligation to him.

In the same meeting, Sabio asked Trillanes to recommend him to Senator de Lima. However, he noted the reluctance of Trillanes and simply told him to talk to Father Alejo.

Sabio recalled sending an email last April 2019 to De Lima and talked to her staff twice named Philip Sawali about the billing, but it was not acted upon.

Sabio suspected he was snubbed by the two senators because they got mad at him for refusing to accept as Bikoy’s lawyer and he was blamed why Bikoy turned his back from the Opposition camp.

When pressed for answer if Bikoy was telling the truth, who recruited or behind him?

Sabio did not give a direct answer but he leaves it to the public to connect the dots.

According to Sabio, he was the lawyer of Matobato because Fr. Alejo recruited him. The same was true of Lascanas. Mina Arcillas was also recruited by Fr. Alejo and Trillanes.

So to answer if Trillanes has something to do with Bikoy? Sabio said Bikoy’s handler is Fr. Alejo and the people securing the safety of Bikoy were Trillanes’ men.

In hindsight, Sabio said had he known that Fr. Alejo was Bikoy’s handler, he would have declined Trillanes’ offer immediately.

Why? Sabio cited the case of Mina Arcillas wherein Fr. Sabio dropped her like a hot potato at the last minute for lack of funds.

At this juncture, Tulfo interrupted Sabio and went to talk about Trillanes’ history of running away from his obligations. Tulfo cited the case of Bikoy wherein Trillanes did not pay what he owed to the whistle-blower.

On Trillanes denying that Sabio as his lawyer…

Sabio said it was true. He acted only as Matobato’s lawyer and he did it pro-bono because he knew Matobato was poor.

However, Sabio revealed that Trillanes and De Lima are Matobato’s political patrons.

On question how much Trillanes and De Lima spent for Matobato and Lascanas, Sabio answered he is not qualified to talk about it since his dealings with them was strictly rendering his legal ervices.

Sabio admitted receiving money from Trillanes but what he hated about it was that the Trillanes camp said it was an aid (help) not consultancy fee or retainer’s fee and he felt insulted.

Meanwhile, Sabio wondered if Trillanes and company still have the face to go to ICC when they are involved in manufacturing lies (referring to Bikoy videos).

When asked if it is possible for him to go to the ICC and withdraw the case he filed vs. President Duterte?

Sabio said the problem with Trillanes and Magdalo is that they politicized the ICC case when they filed a supplemental complaint at the ICC when in the first place, he already filed a case.

Sabio remarked that it gave the impression to the public they are using it for their political agenda. Now that Trillanes and company are involved in Bikoy videos, out of delicadeza it’s Trillanes and company who must withdraw the case.

On the question if Leni Robredo could be in trouble because of the Bikoy videos?

Sabio answered indirectly. He said they are part of the group. As far as he as he is concerned, their group (Trillanes, Robredo) held meetings. However, he denied meeting Leni Robredo but he admitted meeting Trillanes and De Lima.

Based on the information that Trillanes group meet in Ateneo, Sabio said it is clear to him there is a conspiracy.

Sabio said the Bikoy videos were indeed part of the destabilization plot. When you accuse the Presidential family of involvement in the illegal dr*g trade, the intention is clear and that is to remove the President. Sabio cited the example of Zambia.

That is why he demanded from Trillanes group to back their allegations with solid evidence. Otherwise, there was a criminal intent to destroy the government.

Sabio mentioned he was asked to affix his signature on the case Trillanes’ group prepared vs EJK but he refused, in the presence of Senator Saguisag because his legal stance remains – no evidence, he won’t support it.

When people start accusing Sabio of receiving money from the government that is why he switches side, the Cagayan de Oro-based lawyer quickly brushes the allegation aside.  If it will come to that, he said he will think about it. His only concern is the money Trillanes owed him.

Sabio expressed his desire to face any probe, be it Senate, Congress or court inquiry because he is on the side of truth.

Before the interview ended, Sabio revealed that many nameless OFW’s have contributed money to Trillanes’ destabilization plots, claiming he monitored them.

As of this writing, the camps of De Lima, Fr. Alejo and VP Leni Robredo have not issued a statement regarding Sabio’s allegation.

You may watch the full video of the interview below.



Posted by Erwin Tulfo on Monday, September 9, 2019

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