Atty. Rivera tells Kris Aquino following her Instagram tirade against Duterte: “The President does not owe you anything Miss Kris”

With the kindness of my heart and cleanest of intentions, the President does not owe you anything Miss Kris.

The statement above encapsulates the general sentiment of the Duterte supporters towards Ms. Kris Aquino who is sour-graping against Duterte on her Instagram account after the president did not show up for the one-on-one interview with the come-backing actress.

On Instagram, Ms. Aquino wrote:

Humble & realistic enough to admit it was an epic snub- but learning so much from @beyonce. #Lemonade 🍋#GoNegosyo2016AngatLahat (P.S. To all of you: my family, friends, and compassionate netizens- group hug tayo? Thank you for showing me love & appreciation. ❤️)

Ms. Aquino’s gripes did not sit well with netizens and responded on her Instagram post, expressing their dismay.

A netizen identified as philheart123  called the actress a ‘whiny toddler and ‘wrote:  @krisaquino Here’s Kris’ petulance AGAIN! 👏🏽 You sound like a whiny toddler!! Like your Kuya just didn’t make the most epic snub by far, huh?! So, the whole nation had to deal/read/witness/hear your umbrage for this ‘epic snub’ but also had to empathize you (& your fam) when the nation lambasted your Kuya for that SAF 44 ‘snub’? You being facetious at times is just your way to pull off that stunt that you’re still the ‘patient’, ‘humble’ & ‘lovable’ one. @krisaquino WE KNOW IT. AND, WE ABSOLUTELY GET IT! GET OVER THE YAMMERING PART ONCE IN A WHILE!!!

Check the post here.

A netizen identified as bhekay06 rubbed some salt on the actress’s wounds and wrote: Hahahaa hindi lahat ng pnahon ay pabor s inyo.. snub agad? Mbuti nmn at alam mo. Move on n kase.

succulentbackyard wrote: The president has better matters to attend to. Not the likes of you. You don’t deserve him 🌵 and you’re putting bad air in our city. Its disgusting. Let him rest here in Davao, his home. He’s busy working and serving his nation. Oh wait you wouldn’t understand that now would you 🙂 here’s a cactus, prick 🌵

Meanwhile in Facebook , Atty. Bruce Rivera posted a video to take to the cudgels on behalf of President Duterte who refused to dignify Ms. Aquino’s that Duterte gave served her the ‘epic snub.’

Video courtesy of Atty. Rivera…

Posted by Bruce V. Rivera on Saturday, November 12, 2016

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