Bakery owner shares encounter with Christ this Easter Sunday❤️ via this Pizza Hut rider

Sometimes, the poor who have less in life, are more generous than rich people.

The post of Facebook netizen named Raina Ominga perfectly illustrates this.

According to Ominga, by the way she owns a bakery, this pizza guy have been buying bulk assorted breads from her bakery for the past few days.

This piqued her curiosity so she ended up us asking him if Pizza Hut has been giving away breads to their customers.

The Pizza Hut rider answered in the negative.

He said that he has been saving the tips he received from his customers and used it to buy bread. Then, he give away the bread to random people he sees while delivering pizzas.

Ominga remarked that the rider’s answer stunned her. She said that was how they encountered Christ this Easter Sunday.

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This pizza guy have been buying bulk assorted breads from our bakery for the past few days. So our inner curiosity ends up us asking him kung pinapamigay ba ng pizzahut yung breads.

Sabi ni Kuya, lahat daw ng nakukuha niyang tip everytime nagdedeliver sya, iniipon niya pambibili niya ng bread. Then pinapamigay niya sa mga taong nakikita niya sa kalsada along the way.

We were stunned! And that, my friend, is how we encounter Christ this Easter Sunday. ❤️

Glory to God in the Highest! 🙏🙏🙏

Raina Ominga’s FB post has touched the hearts of hundreds of thousands of netizens, garnering 252, 270+ reactions and 70,000+ shares as of this writing.

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“God is alive and moves even in the simplest ways and will use ordinary people, like him, like you and me..”

“God bless your good heart kuya. Pizza hut is lucky to have an employee like you. Thanks Iya for posting this. ❤️🙏”

“Saludo ako sa kanya rain!di nman ganon kalaki kinikita nya at lalong di sya mayaman but in his own little way nakakatulong sya…..nahiya nman tuloy ako bigla….he he he….at imbes magabang sya sa bigay sya pa namigay!surely he will be bless…..”

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