Bank deposit slips show Lt. Col Marcelino amassed millions in a year

In more than a year, the drug buster turned alleged drug protector, Lt. Colonel Ferdinand Marcelino deposited more than P2 million pesos into his personal bank account.

In a report filed by UNTV, the bank deposit slips found in the khaki bag of the Marines officer provided the strongest evidence that would further pin him down unless he can prove it otherwise.

500K bank deposit

The biggest deposit amounted to P500,000 pesos in May 26, 2014, followed by a P300,000 deposit in June 25, 2014. In July 31, 2014, he deposited the third highest, amounting to P200,000 pesos. The lowest deposit he made was P30,000 pesos in March 4, 2015.

According to PCINSP Roque Merdegia Jr, Chief, Legal and Investigation Division PNP-AIDG that they have already sent a request to AMLAC (Anti-Money Laundering Council to verify and investigate the bank account of Marcelino.

Nagpapa-conduct ang aming Director ng complete and thorough financial investigation para malaman kung merong laundering activities.

Meanwhile, a .45 Glock pistol was found in the khaki bag of the Marines Colonel with three magazines of live ammunition and bank books.

As a result, PC Inspector Merdegia said, they will file additional charges against the military for violating R.A 10591 for carrying an expired registration and violating the Comelec gun ban.

Meron na rin kaming certification from the Firearms and Explosives Division ng PNP. Lumalabas rin na meron syang existing LTOPF pero ang kanyang personal na baril ay hindi naka-rehistro, expired na ang rehistro nito. SO ang kantang baril na dala-dala noong sya ay mahuli, ay walang permit.

In addition, a cash amounting to P86,000 pesos was accounted from his bag. Plus, an inventory of the contents of the brown wallet of the military officer was also conducted.

The brown wallet contained P2,510 pesos in cash, $210 US dollars, $20 Australian dollars, $20 Hing Kong dollar, a satellite phone SIM card, 3 BPI cards, a driver’s license, a SCUBA Diving ID and an AFP ID.

On one hand, a Toyota Camry car key and 8 other keys were recovered from Yan Yi Shou, the Chinese suspect arrested with the military officer believed to be connected with the China Southeast Asia regional drug network.

According to Major Merdegia, the mobile phone of Lt. Colonel Marcelino is now being subjected to forensic digital examination to uncover any information to corroborate the evidence in their possession.

VIDEO: Milyong halaga ng mga deposit slip, nakuha sa mga gamit…

VIDEO: Milyong halaga ng mga deposit slip, nakuha sa mga gamit ni Lt.Col. Ferdinand Marcelino

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