Beware: Kidnappers offer part-time jobs to would-be victims. Clever huh!

EPZA Rosario kidnapping attempt

Criminals are master innovators I guess. Lately, the kidnappers offer part-time jobs to would-be victims to lure them. Nice try huh!

A week ago, an attempted kidnapping incident in Ladislao Diwa Elementary school in Cavite City was reported on national TV. The timely intervention of the school’s security guard stopped the suspect from taking the child away from her thirteen year old uncle; the suspect was subsequently turned over to the local police.

Recently, a netizen shared the close encounter of her 13 year old nephew with an ‘alleged’ kidnapper in EPZA, Rosario Cavite.

According to the netizen, it was already 5 PM and her nephew was with another classmate just across the STI school building when a woman approached them offering a part-time job.

The woman offered 3500 pesos weekly salary that she thought the two kids will find it hard to resist. The woman, though failed to provide the details of the job. The woman invited the two kids to join her at the Gabriela Building nearby so that she could further explain.

According to her nephew, the woman was a fast talker and very persistent. Her nephew recalled that since the place was crowded and the workers were just emerging from EPZA, the woman insisted that they should go somewhere else and even joked, “WAG KAYONG MATAKOT HINDI NMAN NAMIN KAYO KUKUHANIN!” Roughly translated, “Don’t be scared. “We are not going to kidnap you!

The netizen offered her theory that if the two kids accepted the woman’s invitation to join her at the Gabriela Building, a van was lurking in the parking lot of the said building and her accomplice can snatch the kids without the people witnessing the incident.

Good thing her nephew and his companion were wise enough to know the motives of the woman. They simply ignored her job offer, no matter how she tried to lure them using the carrot and stick method.

The netizen ended her post by reminding the parents to educate their kids about the modus operandi of the criminals to stay safe while they are outside of their houses.

If you prefer to read the original post, you may read the screen capture below.

Kidnapping attempt in EPZA Rosario Cavite.

Kidnapping attempt in EPZA Rosario Cavite.

If the video report of the LDES kidnapping failed to arrive at your timeline feed, you may watch it now.

What do you think about the alleged kidnapping? Is this true? 13 year old kids offered a part-time job to lure the kids and then kidnap them?

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