BI Commissioner implicated in Jack Lam bribery scandal allegedly owns super expensive Panerai watch says journalist

A picture paints a thousand words so they say.

A netizen posted a pic online of Atty. Argosino, one of the Bureau of Immigration commissioners embroiled in the Jack Lam bribery scandal sporting a seemingly ordinary watch while attending the senate hearing.

However, to people like Inquirer Business reporter Dax Lucas who has a fetish for expensive watches, he can spot one when he sees one even by looking at a picture.

According to him, Atty. Argosino’s watch is a Panerai. A luxury brand with a price tag ranging from $4K up to $34K upon checking it at

In addition, Atty. Argosino sported an Oakley RX frame eyeglasses, another branded accessories during his senate appearance.

Netizens doubted his salary in government could afford him to buy such expensive accessories.

This netizen says there is no doubt he buy can these things if he is an oligarch.

In fairness to Atty. Argosino, it is not confirmed whether he is wearing the original Panerai or a knockoff.

Here’s how Atty. Argosino got entangled in the bribery scandal drama as told by Mon Tulfo.

According to Mon Tulfo, the two commissioners extorted 50M pesos from Jack Lam in exchange for the release of 600 out of the 1,316 Chinese nationals arrested during a raid on November 24.

The money was delivered to Atty. Argosino accompanied his peer in the BI at a casino mall in ParaƱaque City last November 27, 2016 by Jack Lam’s representative, retired Police Senior Superintendent Wally Sombero Jr.

In the senate investigation, Atty. Argosino maintains his innocence despite the overwhelming evidence against him and fellow BI commissioners.

They were caught CCTV video carrying paper bags in City Dreams containing a huge sum of money from Jack Lam which they confirmed as the ones in the CCTV footage.

Atty. Argosino became so emotional in the senate probe that he broke down into tears while protesting why nobody is filing corruption case against Jack Lam.

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