Blogger reveals Trillanes ‘Oust Duterte plan’ going international. Read!

Yesterday, Trillanes hinted Duterte could face impeachment on May 2017 which appeared in several local newspapers.

If you were a Duterte supporter, you should be alarmed if the threat came from the likes of Trillanes.

Erik Clark Su, a known pro-Duterte blogger took to Facebook to share the scenario Trillanes is cooking for President Duterte. Read!

Trillanes alludes to a Duterte impeachment come May of 2017.

Here is the plan:
1. He has sent his lawyers to file a criminal case against President Duterte in Hague under the International Criminal Court.
2. He will use Edgar Matobato as his main witness.
3. LascaƱas will be the 2nd supporting witness. His papers are being prepared as you read this.
4. Trillanes is in the process of ‘training’ two more DDS witnesses.
5. They have compiled all the international write-ups that they were able to induce that paint killings as deliberate and many.
6. They will argue that the matter cannot be settled in the country because of political persecution by Duterte.
7. Trillanes and lawyer will use De Lima’s case as the prime evidence of this.
8. Trillanes is being funded by Liberal Party and local drug lords. Unclear if Loida Lewis, NPA and Mining companies are co-funding this particular effort.
9. They will request the trial to be conducted by May of 2017.

“The plan is their best one yet. The probability of success is highest. Trillanes may yet remove Duterte and spin the country into chaos to save his hide,” warned Su.

Share this to make everyone aware. Share this for Duterte. Share this for the Philippines.

Let us check how the social media reacts.

Ethel Pineda remarked: “That man is evil incarnate.”

Naida Raugh wrote: “Hello Eric! thank you for this one. Oh yes, Trillanes was on TV and he was very confident and 100% sure na ma impeach si Tatay Digong. My tanong, when is Trollanes warrant of arrest for coddling criminals issued? Sige na, ilabas na! Or yong kay Binay na lang- di ba sabi, ready na yon?”

Pamela Saavedra warned of chaos: “Anarchy. Prepare for anarchy. Remember when Erap was ousted just a few years back? Imagine all-out riots on the streets but on a larger scale. That’s what a Duterte ouster will result to.”

Rex Barnes agreed with Pamela: “Naloko na. Gagayahin talaga nitong sundalong kanin ang sinapit ng Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, etc. (God forbid). Ganun ang ginawa kay Gadaffi at Saddam Hussein. ICC nalang kakampi nila para mapatalsik at kapag di natinag si PRRD, papasok na ang CIA at mga extremist groups para sabihin talaga na may gyera na sa Pilipinas…Tsk..Tsk..Tsk..Protect the Philippines, Protect the President..”

Your thoughts, please!

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