Boom! Netizen shares screenshots showing Mocha’s critic Harold Clavite of PIA posted anti-federalism post in 2017?

Ideally, Duterte’s people should more or less speaks with one voice and working in harmony with the mission and vision of the Duterte administration.

Otherwise, they have no business to stay in their position because that is insubordination.

Well, that’s what the Director-General of the Philippine Information Agency Harold E. Clavite did when it allegedly posted something that subverted one of President Duterte’s advocacies – shift to federalism.

Let us read the brief Facebook post of Sass Rogando Sasot to get the whole picture of what I am trying to explain from the get go.

BOOM! Philippine Information Agency should explain to the public why posted an anti-federalism view in April 2017.

Here’s the damning evidence (screenshot) against the Philippine Information Agency showing them mouthing off anti-Federalism post.

It can be gleaned from the screenshot that a netizen questioned PIA if sharing anti-federalism post was part of their mandate.

Anyway, Sasot’s revelation has angered Duterte supporters, as shown in the comments below. One netizen wants Clavite sack from his post.

Joe Ponz

Sinabotahe ni Clavite si President Duterte! FIRE HIM! Now Na….

Mildred Canon Angub

Obviously Yellowturds! Anay sa PCOO ang Clavite na yan.

Charlester Ceballos

traitor in the ranks!

Soripo Talad


Grace Go Aldeguer asked if the PIA was the same agency behind the DOLE logo fisaco?

Is this the same agency sa DOLE logo blooper?

Wehnerr Cattleya

Patay ang programa ng govt pala sa pmmlakad pag nan jan si Harold… anay pala to

Tatajane Bendoy Namoco

Ayan sagutin ninyo yan , PIA-PCOO. Mga bwsit kayo , lalaki ng budget ninyo , di ninyo tinutulongan si Presidente sa Federalism , dakdak lang kayo at binabanatan ninyo si Mocha. Mga bwesit kayo.,. Iba ang pino promote ninyo gamit ng pera at budget ng Duterte Administration PCOO, Kasi mga Puppets kayo ng #Yellowturds.. umalis kayo jan.!!
Put Pro – Duterte workers sa PCOO.. 😎😜😜😜 NOW.!

Clarizel Pilapil

#HaroldClavite what is your proof people from social media are trolls are you referring to Lp supports well that is possible. If u are referring to us (Solid Duterte) who believes in the government right now, the ones who believes in real change is happening, I can say that is a big NO! We are real ones. Gusto mo bang Makita ang kamao NG Pilipino milyon kami na nag aabala sumuporta d para s pansarili namin kundi sa “Future” NG sususnod na henerasyon. Don’t dare us or else. Tapos na Ang kagaguhan at panloloko NG alyansa mo LP is OVER!!!! I will do my best to help those have a heart for Filipinos na Hindi pinakikinggan! No way to your alliance. Deym you Harold Clavite!

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