Breaking News: Identity of the 3 NAIA personnel in the stealing of the OFW’s money revealed!

3 security personnels named 1

Public office is a public trust.

Public servants and employees must, at all times, be accountable to the people, serve them with utmost responsibility, integrity, loyalty, and efficiency; act with patriotism and justice, and lead modest lives.

People working in the government and these include the employees in our airports, shall at all times live by this principle. Otherwise, they will lose the trust of the public; any lapses in judgment in the age of social media could mean being ostracized by the netizens and lead to embarrassment to their family and worse, losing one’s job and freedom.

Such is the case of the 3 NAIA personnels working under the Office of Transportation security who were caught on CCTV taking the backpack of the domestic helper Elenita ‘Elyn’ Casim.

According to the narratives of the OFW from General Santos City, she was already outside the airport when she decided to return inside the terminal to report the case of another Filipina in Kuwait maltreated by her employer when she forgot to retrieve her backpack after the X-ray screening.

When she retraced her steps to retrieve the backpack, the security personnels in-charged in the X-ray machine where she accidentally left her backpack denied knowledge of the whereabouts of the back.

The backpack contains fifty thousand pesos cash and all her important documents.

Upon reviewing the CCTV, the investigators handling the case of the domestic helper Elenita ‘Elyn’ Casim discovered that the 3 security personnel committed qualified theft. As a result the Airport Police Department filed the appropriate charges against the three personnel.

The identity of the three NAIA personnel from the Office of the Transportation Security involved in the ‘theft’ were identified as Glavin Cano, Analiza Monda and Julius Flores.

The Office of the Transportation Security refuses to give a comment relative to the status of their people charged with ‘qualified theft’ because according to the spokesman of OTS (Office of the Transportation Security) Atty. Migule Oraa, “We are on top of this, seriously looking at this, but at this it could be too early and it could be prejudicing the rights of others being asked to defend themselves!”

Meanwhile, the domestic helper Elenita ‘Elyn’ Casim wants to see these people sacked from their jobs to teach them a lesson. “Kawawa naman ang mga nangibang bansa, mga ibang OFW, yung mga pinaghihirapan nila.”

Please watch the video below for further details.

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