Breaking News! Jonvic Remulla jump ships from VP Binay to the Duterte camp?

A post showing the alleged meeting of Cavite Governor Jonvic Remulla and survey front runner Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has been doing the rounds recently.

Duterte and Remulla meeting

Credits to Rody Duterte: The Real Change

In a Facebook post shared more than 100 times as of Friday afternoon, the admin of the Facebook group,
Rody Duterte: The Real Change published the photos of the alleged meeting between the former spokesman of VP Binay, Jonvic Remulla and Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

It is not known when and where the meeting happened between Duterte and the Remulla brothers.

In the photos shared by the Rody Duterte: The Real Change, Crispin Remulla was also present at the meeting.

Crispin Remulla is the older brother of Jonvic Remulla, who is running for governor of Cavite.

Incumbent Govenrnor Jonvic Remulla decided to give way to his older brother Crispin Remulla to focus on his job as VP Binay’s spokesman.

It can be recalled that before the said meeting of the Remullas and Mayor Duterte, rumor swirled on the social media that Governor Jonvic Remulla has resigned as spokesman of VP Binay and shifting allegiance to Mayor Duterte.

The photos circulating online showing Duterte and the Remullas together further strengthen the speculation that the province with the second biggest voting population in the country is going Mayor Duterte.

By the way, according to the Manila Bulletin in its February 3, 2016 article, the province of Cavite has 1,843,168 registered voters.

If this is proven to be true, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte can have at least 2 of the top provinces with the highest voter concentration supporting his candidacy tucked under his belt.

OneCebu of the Garcias of Cebu earlier announced its support for the candidacy of Mayor Duterte.

This development came on the heels of the Trillanes expose and if ever there is any significance to the Remullas going Duterte, this only proves one thing that the accusation did not in any way diminish the trust of the people to Mayor Duterte, hence, the Remullas have sensed that a Duterte presidency is looming on the horizon.

The news of the Remullas going Duterte has received mixed reactions from the netizens and mostly positive.

Jun Rey Dasig wrote:

Nice move sa pinakapogi naming Gobernador ng Cavite! Gov Jonvic (Nice move of the most handsome Governor of Cavite, Gov. Jonvic!

Joakim Ong wrote:

Welcome sa panig ni mayor duterte ( Welcome to Mayor Duterte’s camp.)

Mario Corcino wrote:

You’re in safe grounds now…Good you abandoned the sinking ship MV Binay. Welcome to the real change under DU30’s helm

While other netizens warned Mayor Duterte to be wary of the Remullas.

Jeff David wrote:

Ingat lng tatay digong the word of TRAIDOR (Be careful Daddy Digong of the word TRAITOR.)

Jessie Jane wrote:

They’re using duterte’s popularity. Wise enough huh.

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