Brilliant|Ex-DLSU prof connects President Duterte’s high popularity ratings to “Never Say Die” spirit of Jawo’s Brgy Ginebra

Unlike any PH Presidents since the social weather survey has been introduced to gauge the popularity of a sitting President, Duterte remains the only Malacanang occupant to defy logic by managing to retain his high to excellent approval ratings four years or more into his 6-year term.

Former De La Salle History Professor has taken to socmed to explain this phenomenon in a language that many Filipinos understand – basketball and the PBA.

Ybiernas opened the FB post by talking about how Ginebra San Miguel basketball team declined after playing head coach Robert “Jawo” Jaworski retired from basketball. “Nang mawala si Jawo sa Ginebra nagsuffer ang team kasi hirap sila hanapin yung identity nila kasi nagbago ang style of play.”

Ybiernas remarked that Yeng Guiao’s Rain or Shine emerged as the new darling of the crowd because of bruisers Belga and Quinahan and the physical play of Pau Lee, earning them the moniker, the new Ginebra because of their similar style of play to Jawo’s Ginebra. “Kaya nga lumitaw yung Rain or Shine ni Yeng Guiao dati kung saan nandun yung extra rice na sina Belga at Quinahan, pati na ang pisikal maglaro na si Paul Lee, tinatawag na sila noon na bagong Ginebra dahil similar ang style of play.”

Ybiernas described them as rough and physical like you see in street basketball. “Agresibo. Pisikal. Larong mama. Larong kanto. Bakbakan.”

Ybiernas said that Pinoy’s mindset of basketball is that it is a war. Soft and lazy people are frowned upon and hated. “Para sa Pinoy ang basketball ay digmaan. Pwede ang madiskarte pero di pwede ang malamya. Galit tayo sa tatanga tanga at sa tamad. Kailangan banat ng banat talaga.”

Ybiernas further explained that an underdog team needs to play harder to win. Being an underdog is not important but the hard work. He said Filipinos respect those who work hard. “At usually kapag underdog yung team kailangan kumayod para manalo. So hindi yung pagka underdog ang mahalaga kundi yung kayod. Ginagalang ng Pinoy ang kumakayod talaga.”

Ybiernas asked why President Duterte is popular or remain popular among Filipinos? He answered that Duterte is a hard worker not physically because he is very old but his street smarts and resourcefulness. And the people sees it. “Bakit popular si Duterte hanggang ngayon? Kumakayod talaga e. Hindi na pisikal na kayod kasi tanders na. Pero kayod gamit ang diskarte. Kitang kita ng bayan e.”

Ybiernas ended the FB post by saying that in the lens of Filipinos, everything is a battlefield, be it in politics, in the basketball court, in social media and even in the work place. “Sa lahat ng bagay kasi digmaan ang nakikita ng Pinoy. Sa basketball court. Sa pulitika. Sa social media. Sa trabaho. Sa negosyo. Sa pag-aaral. Sa pag-ibig. Lahat yan digmaan e.”

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Source: Van Ybiernas

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