British guy reacts to #NasaanAngPangulo: “This is NOT a time for politics! This is a time for unity, not division.”

Brits Malcolm Conlan, a staunch Duterte supporter, took to social media sharing his opinion on the #NasaanAngPangulo on Twitter.

Conlan began by showing his intention from the get-go.

“An #OpenLetter to those critics of President Rodrigo Duterte who are asking where the President is during Typhoon Rolly?”

Conlan urged the critics behind the latest hashtag on Twitter to listen and reflect what he has to say. “To all those who are asking #NasaanAngPangulo please consider this:”

First and foremost, Conlan remarked that technologies in the 21st century allow leaders to monitor what is happening on the ground without the need to be physically present.

We live in the 21st century. Thankfully, we have such clever devices as a Mobile Phone, laptop, webcams AND sophisticated electronic monitoring equipment.

Second, Conlan stated that President Duterte does not run the government alone. Methinks this is self-explanatory.

“Thankfully, the President of the Philippines does not run the government alone. He has special advisors and people who represent him on the ground, as does every other world leader on the entire planet!”

Third, Conlan reminded critics the President is not young anymore and personally putting himself in the eye of the storm isn’t a brilliant idea.

“Don’t forget, respectfully, the President is not a young man anymore, standing or being located in the eye of the typhoon is probably not such a good idea for anyone at any age, let alone a man who is already in his 70’s. That’s why we thankfully have technology which can monitor the situation safely from afar!!!”

Fourth, Conlan asked those who are asking where was the President on Twitter, what have they done in their personal capacity to help? Because the same cannot be said of the President who has done his part without fuss.

“To those who are asking ‘NasaanAngPangulo’ what are you doing other than being keyboard warriors? As long as the President had allocated adequate resources, which he has easily done and then some and he has ensured that those people who are in coastal areas and in its path have been evacuated, then I simply don’t know what else you are expecting the President to do?”

Fifth, Conlan admitted he does live in the Philippines but he does have common sense. He cited the example of the Royal family visiting only victims of natural or man-made disasters after the fact because it does not make sense to put their lives in unnecessary danger. He expects our leader to the same.

“I don’t live in the Philippines, BUT I do have common sense. I can only make comparisons to the UK. We have the Royal Family here who often visit areas that have been affected by one disaster or another AFTER the event, it would be STUPID and foolish for any world leader to be put in danger DURING the event, when I have no doubt the President is monitoring this #TyphoonRollyPH from a safe distance.”

Conlan ended the open letter with an impassioned appeal to critics of the President.

“This is NOT a time for politics! This is a time for unity, not division. Finally, my thoughts and prayers are with those that are currently in its path. Praying this will pass as soon as possible. Thank you.”


Source: Malcolm Conlan

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