Businessman slams Agot Isidro for preaching ‘sensitivity’ to Jinkee Pacquiao as thousands of Filipinos lose their jobs

A certain netizen named Arnold Vegafria admonished Kapamilya actress Agot Isidro for preaching social sensitivity to Jinkee Pacquiao.

In case you missed it, Jinkee Pacquiao posted the photo of the couples luxury Hermes and Louis Vuitton bikes on Instagram.

Isidro wasted no time in lashing at Jinkee Pacquiao on Twitter, preaching, no, asking for sensitivity to fellow Filipino families who have lose their jobs and struggling to find the money to put food on the table.

By the way, the ostensibly expensive bikes were actually gifts from a businessman friend to the Pacquiao couple.

Moving forward, Vegafria opened the FB post with a question to Agot Isidro, ‘What’s your issue, Agot?’

Vegafria turned the tables around on Agot Isidro by telling her she has no business in judging Jinkee since it is her IG page.

‘What Jinkee posts on her Instagram page is not for us to judge.’

In other words, who is Agot Isidro to question how Jinkee and her family spend their hard-earned money is none of her business? Vegafria asked. Vegafria continued that such bountiful blessings are just the fruit of her husband’s hard work, who is by the way a boxing legend a businessman who is free from the stains of graft and corruption.

‘What she does with her family’s hard-earned money is none of our business, because such bountiful blessings are just the fruit of her husband’s esteemed legacy as an iconic Filipino boxing legend and businessman, and are not stained in any way by graft or corruption.’

Besides, Vegafria remarked that Jinkee is a smart and prudent businesswoman with several business under her name.

‘Jinkee has also worked her way up as a smart and prudent businesswoman with several investments under her good name.’

Vegafria said that Agot Isidro is simply ignorant of the fact how the good Senator and family have done so much to help for our countrymen during the pandemic and even before when he was still making a name for himself in the field of his sport.

‘You probably have no idea as to the extent by which the good Senator, Manny Pacquiao and his family, have done so much to help our countrymen, not just during the past three months during the height of the pandemic, but even way before when he was still working hard to achieve his iconic stature.’

However, Vegafria won’t blame Agot Isidro for her little knowledge about the generosity of the Pacquiao’s because he said they are not the type of people who loves to brag about their charitable works to the less fortunate Filipinos.

‘You probably don’t see or hear much about it because they are not the types to brag about their noble and charitable deeds for other people to see. They would rather do their humble acts of generosity away from the eyes of the media or the glare of the spotlight.’

Vegafria cautioned Agot to show discernment in using the word nouveau. ‘And please be more discerning about your use of the word “nouveau.”’

Vegafria ended the FB post by preaching to Agot Isidro about unity and understanding, educating her about the Pacquiaos who remain humble and generous despite their status.

‘The Pacquiaos have worked hard over the past decades to achieve their current standing in society, and despite their status, they have remained humble, low-key and generous to whoever asks for their help. Their fervent desire to serve their countrymen continues to inspire them to pursue higher education and excel in their public service endeavors.’
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Source: Arnold Vegafria

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