Carcass of a super-sized of undetermined sea creature in Indonesia sparks debate online

If you think the recent beaching of unusual sea creatures in our shores prepared you for this, wait until you see the creature that turned up in Indonesia.

In the last few months, we have seen a couple of sea creatures washed up in Visayas and Mindanao beaches like a couple of big oarfish, giant Lapu-lapus (grouper), a sunfish, and the carcass of a dead sea creature in Siargao which turned out be a dead whale.

Some people say its a sign that the end of the world is near while some say an earthquake is coming which they based in Japanese mythology.

Moving forward, the dead sea creature in Indonesia is so massive that obviously have stunned the social media due to the enormity of the carcass.

First off, the netizens have a field day in identifying the dead animal.

Hollie Wilson wrote: “It’s a giant squid, you can see several of the tentacles in a few of the pics.”

Steven Hernandez remarked: “It’s just an advanced-decomposition adult whale.”

Glenn Thomas said: “My guess is a whale. They’re pretty messed up looking once they rot for a bit.”
Raymond Padilla could not decide whether it’s a whale or a squid. “Maybe it was a whale, or squid that has been infected by radiation, and now could no longer could survive from infectus degrees of radiation.”

Julian Duran disagreed that its a squid. “It has bones not a squid.”

Gregory Peterson thought this is not squid. “Doesn’t look like a squid. The one photo appears to be a spinal bone structure. My guess is badly decomposed whale.”

Check out the photos of Mbs Sangadji below to get an idea of the size of the dead carcass.

Credits to Mbs Sangadji

Credits to Mbs Sangadji

Credits to Mbs Sangadji

Credits to Mbs Sangadji

Credits to Mbs Sangadji

Credits to Mbs Sangadji

Credits to Mbs Sangadji

Credits to Mbs Sangadji

Aside from the ‘name that dead animal’ game on social media, the strange and gargantuan animal carcass has started another of kind of debate in social media.

Jahred Ramos wrote: “malapit na mgunaw ang mundo…sign na yung napapalaya na mga kriminal at corrupt like Napoles at Arroyo….Pag my pera laya…mag mhirap nanlaban…magugunaw na tlaga ang mundo….Magdasal tayo sa.”

Luckypao Geronimo wasted no time in quashing Jahred’s comment: “hahahaha anung connect ng pinagsasabi sa nilalang na yan na nakapost? May shabu pba sa lugar nyo iho?”

Some have offered different theories how the strange dead creatures start turning up one after the other in our shores and in other countries.

John Chavez wrote: “May nangyayari sa ilalim ng dagat na hindi natin alam… Kaya lumulutang ang mga deep sea creatures.”

Alsier Angeles commenged: “Climate change plus polluted seas and ocean did it to creatures big or small.”

Belen Lopez De Guzman remarked: “Kaya naglalabasan ang mag isda sa malalim na parte ng karagatan dahil nalalason sila sa walang habas na pagtetest ng missele at nuclear ng pangulo ng North Korea.”

According to Mashable, the dead sea creature is 15m (49.2 ft) long and was discovered off Hulung Beach, on Seram Island, Indonesia.

A 37-year-old local resident named Asrul Tuanakota discovered the dead animal, reports the Jakarta Globe.

Look at the video here.

Source: Mbs Sangadji

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