Caught on CCCTV: 3 robbers molest helpless outdoor diners in Makati

A netizen shares a traumatic experience after three hold-uppers took their valuables at gunpoint while dining at a restaurant in Makati City.

According to Zelle Co, she was still shaking in fear at the time she wrote the post.

Ms. Co said that she and her friend were having dinner at Mando’s Wing Shack at around 10 PM on January 28, 2017 when three men wearing helmets, one was armed with a gun arrived and forcibly took their valuables.

Ms. Co remarked that the incident is very traumatic.

Ms. Co could only hope the suspects are arrested soon so that no more people will be victimized.

The incident was captured on CCTV cameras posted outside and inside the establishment.

The CCTV camera installed outside had a better view of what happened on that day.

In the video, three men can be seen arriving at the restaurant while the restaurant patrons were enjoying dinner.

The men acted fast and immediately went to care of business.

One guy acted as the lookout while while the rest of the guys confiscate the mobile phones and other valuables of the stunned victims.

The second video showed the customers inside were busy texting, oblivious of what was happening in their surrounding.

To think that only a glass window only separates them, the customers inside failed to notice the crime happening outside.

One netizen commented that sometimes choosing the seats inside is better than the outdoors as demonstrated in the video.

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