CCTV footage belies the accusation against 3 NAIA personnel. Really huh?

The Office of Transportation Security (OTS) released the full CCTV footage to GMA News pertaining to the lost backpack of the OFW from Kuwait which was allegedly stolen by the 3 OTS personnel; it turned out the CCTV footage belies the accusation against 3 NAIA personnel. Really huh?

3 security personnels named 1

The video footage shows the OTS personnel taking the unclaimed bag which appeared to fit the description of the lost bag of Elenita ‘Elyn’ Casim, the OFW from Kuwait and put it back again in the X-ray machine.

Vine Cano, the X-ray operator told Kara David of Saksi that she decided to do another X-ray to check for prohibited items so that they could endorse the backpack to the Lost and Found Section of the NAIA Terminal.

The controversial ‘backpack or bag’ emerged from the X-ray machine a minute later perfectly in time with the arrival of a new batch of passengers. Another minute later, a male passenger claimed the controversial ‘bag’ and left with bag after the OTS personnel was convinced the male passenger was indeed the real owner.

According to the OTS spokesman, it is clear in the CCTV footage that the accusation against their personnel is baseless. He further said, it is possible, Elinita ‘Elyn’ Casim lost her bag somewhere else.

But, I think there is more to this than what the CCTC shows. Why? I experienced leaving my bag at the X-ray machine and when I came back to claim my bag, I have to answer a couple of questions to prove that I am the owner of the bag.

If the male passenger is not the real owner of the bag, how was it possible for him to pass the short interrogation from the people holding the unclaimed bag since all the questions are related to the contents of the bag? Are you following me guys? Think!

Let’s face it they made the mistake of releasing the lost bag to the wrong person because of lapses of judgment? How about the OFW that lost her 2 years worth of savings? In the spirit of fairness and justice, I believe the OFW deserves a compensation one way or the other from the NAIA management. What do you think?

Do you believe the story of the 2 NAIA personnel based on the CCTV footage?



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