Cebu-based blogger on Leni Robredo coming out as opposition leader: “Leni-linlang na naman tayo”

A day after the “Laguna outing” of Robredo and PET revisors scandalized the internet, Leni Robredo immediately held a press conference anointing herself as the leader of the opposition against the Duterte government.

While critics called the Robredo coming out as a means to deflect the focus away from the embarrassing Laguna “outing”, Cebu-based blogger Mike Acebedo Lopez agrees with it partly.

Lopez claimed that Robredo was thinking ahead in strategic terms. Meaning, when PET finally ruled against her favor and declared she cheated Marcos, she can claim blame Duterte for influencing the Supreme Court. Shades of Lourdes Sereno’s strategy.

Lopez ended the post by summarizing Robredo’s latest move as “deceptive” or “Leni-linlang”.

Read the full text below.

“This is an obvious play. After Leni Robredo’s staff was caught in an outing with Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET) revisors and staff (rendering the recount overseen by Justice Caguioa a complete sham), Leni deflects the focus away from the glaring conflict of interest by her people and PET staff by now openly going against Duterte.

Yesterday’s news was the outing, today’s news is her coming out against Duterte. See what she’s trying to do here?

Why is she doing this apart of course from the diversion? So if, even after all the machinations and delaying tactics and excursions, the PET recount finally reveals the truth that she cheated Bongbong Marcos out of the vice presidency, she can once more blame Duterte for influencing the Supreme Court to get rid of her because she has already come out as his enemy (yes, pretty much like Sereno did). She is merely positioning herself now.

Certainly Duterte doesn’t need to do anything of that sort as the PET, if it only does its job judiciously and conscientiously and honestly, will reveal the true victor who isn’t her.

Leni-linlang na naman tayo.”

Netizen Rosalinda Macadaeg StaMaria said this Robredo move finally bares her true colors.

“Kainin nya yung laway nya. Despite all her denials that she has no interest in the Presidency NOW lumabas ang tunay nyang pagkatao. Ganid, ambisyosa. Sinungaling, talipandas, magnanakaw ng boto, hidhid mat traydor. Mangmang na nga e sya raw mamumuno at pag isahin ang oposisyon? Well, let’s hear her talk and do it. Ilabas yung bilyones ng dilawan kaya?”

Cecile Anasco says its very obvious that Robredo is up to something.

“Obvious na halata…. Wag kami leni uyy”

Atisereht M. Ollirb said Robredo there is nothing new from Robredo.

“Unite??? Tagal mo ng ginagawa yan noh…wala na bang bago?”

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