CHR’s announcement to probe death of alleged hazing victim draws jeers, angry reactions on social media

According to a GMA News report, the CHR will probe the death of the hazing victim Horacio “Atio” Castillo III because the Commission looks after the welfare of ordinary citizens.

“Since this is also a case… ang concept naman ng human rights is universal… so we make no distinction who the victim is. What is important is we give emphasis on the rights of all, ‘yun nga sa case na ‘to… it’s a case of hazing so minarapat na rin namin na imbestigahan ito contrary doon sa general notion sa amin na we only investigate those abuses or violations committed by state authorities,” CHR investigator Jolly Torres told reporters in an ambush interview at the Manila Police District. [Link here]

Torres added that the CHR “makes no distinction” on their mandate to protect and promote human rights.

If you will notice, the issue regarding the Commission on Human Rights powers and functions have been hotly contested on social media.

While pro-CHR supporters insist that the CHR’s job is limited to probing human rights violations against civilians by members of the AFP or the PNP, the antis strongly disagree with the the former’s assertion.

But recent announcement by one of CHR’s lawyers in light of the tragic death of UST law student from his fraternity brothers prove that the critics have been correct all along.

The Facebook Page, Showbiz Government wasted no time in attacking CHR’s duplicity.

Police o military ba ang involved dito bakit nag imbestiga ang CHR? Di ba hindi daw nila saklaw ang mga ganyang kaso? Nag ka utal utal na sila?

Netizen Cornelio Carandang remarked: “Ngayon lang kayo natututong umayos kasi sa sobra nang mga batikos na inyong tinatanggap tungkol sa hindi ninyo parehas na trato sa nambiktima at nabiktima sa ngalan ng HUMAN RIGHTS!”

Pex Gonzales commented CHR’s latest announcement spells trouble for them now. “Then you might as well do backtrack investigations of thousands of rape cases and murders and all sorts of hideous crimes committed against Filipinos. You will have a lot on your hands now CHR.”

Dennis Lloyd seethed with anger in light of this development. “Wtf..see how dey operate..IF IT SUITS THEM GO. If not, it’s a no go. Mapapamura ka talaga pag ganito! Wala talaga ang Filipino personal interest lng nasa kukute! Buset kayo dyan sa CHR!”

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