CHR’s Gascon earns ire of Cebuano lawyer for telling PNP to give special treatment to suspects of gruesome murd&r in Cebu?

Once again, Commission on Human Rights Head Chito Gascon is under fire on social media for making an uncalled statement following the gruesome murd&r of a young girl in Cebu.

For those who just opened Facebook and haven’t watch TV for quite a while, Christine Lee Silawan was the 16-year old girl who was k1lled, raped (allegedly), skinned from the scalp down to her face and stripped her tongue and esophagus.

Gascon earned the ire of Cebuano lawyer Bruce Rivera following the statement of the CHR Head telling the PNP to follow the proper protocol in the apprehension of suspects.

Rivera reacted on Facebook that Gascon’s statement is unnecessary because it’s the PNP’s job and they’re trained for, unless when in situation that calls for extra special handling of the suspects. In other words, Rivera said that what Gascon is asking is to give special treatment to Christine’s killers.

Still seething with anger, Rivera asked Gascon when is he leaving CHR and hoped that his replacement knows what human rights really is!

Check out the full post below.

CHR Gascon: To the PNP, make sure you observe the human rights of the suspects of the brutal mutilation, rape and murder of Christine Lee Silawan.

Let me enumerate to you why everything you just said is INSENSITIVE, IMPROPER and STUPID.

First, you do not need to remind the PNP to follow the proper protocol in the apprehension of suspects. It is their job and they trained for it. The only plausible reason why you have to remind the police is when the situation calls for extra special handling of the suspects. In short, you just gave special treatment to the killers of Christine. Why am I not surprised.

Second, human rights presupposes the actor is human. Being human entails innate compassion. Let me ask you a question, when a being fornicates, murders, pulls out the throat and esophagus and skinned the face of a 16 year old girl exposing her skull, do you think a human is capable of doing the act? What do you want the police to do, read the Miranda rights to three deranged animals?

Lastly, the Filipino are grieving the death of Christine in the same you grieved the death of Kian. We are not only grieving but we are angry. Christine Silawan left a family in pain and disbelief at the gruesome way their daughter died. Wala namang naitulong yung pang-eepal mo, Sir Chito. Sana tumahimik ka na lang. But you have to open your mouth and showed why you are just like any other Dilawan. Insensitive as f***!!!

Kelan ka ba mawawala dyan sa CHR? Sana ang papalit sa yo, yung alam talaga ang tunay na human rights. Napakapayak kasi ng konsepto mo ng human rights. Rights of the accused lang. Pero ang lawak ng human rights hindi bagay sa kitid ng utak mo.

Nuff said.

Rivera’s sentiment has been echoed by his Facebook followers as shown in the comment section of the Cebuano lawyer’s post.

Dhen TMillare Same sentiment Atty, bakit mas lumalabas pa na mas concern sila sa mga animal na kriminal na mga yan? Dapat nga kinokondena nila dahil sobra yung ginawa nila sa bata. Bakit mga kriminal lang ba me human rights? Paanu yung pamilya ng bata, wala silang human rights? #chrbias #marangalbayan?

Allanniel Bugto Mga pesting yawaa ng mga taga CHR ug CBCP Atty. Mga panuway

Francis Jeff Mali naman ang pasok ng mamang yan!! Sinverguenza!!Mr CHR ikaw kaya mawalan ng mahal sa buhay na ganyan mangyari, sinverguenza!!😡

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