Concerned netizen debunks fake news of RadyoPatrol host, former DSWD re SEA Games 2019 caterer using PH flag as table cover?

Early this morning, Ricky Velasco of Radyo Patrol shared a photo of the PH flag used allegedly as table cover mantle wherein meals are served to participating athletes. Velasco urged netizens to take note how the flag even touches the floor.

Former DSWD Secretary Judy Taguiwalo shared the FB post of Velasco with the caption: “ANG GANDA NG MANTEL *Facepalm World class na tapete? We kennat.”

Turned out, Ricky Velasco and Manay Judy Taguiwalo were spreading fake news.

Someone commented that the photo was taken in 2017 in Hong Kong during a Christmas party attended by OFWs.

Not sure if it that someone was Albert Papina because the name of the commenter was blocked out, but one thing is certain, he was the original uploader of the photo.

However, if you check Albert Papina’s FB post, he did not ASSOCIATE this event with the ongoing 2019 SEA GAMES.

In light of this, The FB Page “The Political Bandera” condemned in a strongest possible terms Radyo Patrol reporter Ricky Velasco on Facebook for the malicious FB post.

I urge you to read the FB post of The Political Labandera below and note how she shreds to pieces whatever credibility left of Radyo Patrol Ricky Velasco and former DSWD Secretary Judy Taguiwalo.

Hindi muna ako mag comment on how PHISGOC Head APC is actually RESOLVING and RECTIFYING numerous on-going mishaps and complaints happening in the 2019 SEAG.

Pagkatapos na ng Games, we can assess if our country’s hosting skills are pass or fail.

Right now, to say it’s already a failure is just PREMATURE SPECULATION.

Anyway, I can help debunk some fake news and other MALICIOUS antiDu30 narratives being circulated by CRAB MENTALISTS here in cyber in their obvious aim to EMBARRASS AND HUMILIATE, not just the Duterte admin, but THE ENTIRE NATION!

For example, the screengrabs below…a Mr. ALBERT PAPINA posted a pic of a Philippine Flag being used as a table cover. If anything, Mr. Papina is quite irritated because the use of our national flag here is a Constitutional violation in our Heraldic Code. So, I can understand the frustration in his post. I’d be irritated, too.

Please take NOTE that Mr. Papina DID NOT MENTION NOR EVEN SPECIFICALLY ASSOCIATE this event with the ongoing 2019 SEA GAMES. None. Walang hashtags. NOTHING.

Now here comes RICKY G. VELASCO, a veteran broadcast journalist of Radyo Patrol. He just grabs these pics, acknowledged Papina, but, in his “excitement” to create a particular anti-SEAG narrative, OVERLOOKED the exact contents of Papina’s post…that the original poster DID NOT MENTION in his post that the Heraldic violation is a misstep done by PHISGOC/SEAG organizers.

In his own post, VELASCO assumed that the buffet in question happened during these 1st few days before the Grand Opening of the SEA GAMES.

SUCH is the DEPTH of IRRESPONSIBLE Philippine journalism these days. Shame.

Well, a little diligence and a bit of crowd sourcing done would’ve made Ricky G. Velasco think twice before posting these pics and putting his own twisted SPIN on it.

Now, A netizen is pointing out that these pics were taken in HK…during a Christmas party of OFWs there…back in 2017!

Your comment?

Source: The Political Labandera

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