DA Sec. Manny Piñol to file charges vs. reporter, demands apology from PDI and reporter for spreading fake news

DA Secretary Manny Piñol has taken to Facebook demanding apology from the PDI while threatening to sue its reporter for spreading fake news.

In a Facebook post, Piñol was visibly upset after reading the headline of the Philippine Daily Inquirer wherein he allegedly told the jam packed audience he was on his way out in next Cabinet revamp because of intrigues.

A shocked Piñol vehemently denied ever saying this remark in front of the thousands of people who attended the inauguration of North Cotabato Gov. Nancy Catamco.

Pinol described the incident “unbelievable” especially for the reporter to put words into his mouth.

In anger, Pinol remarked he will ask his lawyer to file appropriate charges versus the culprit.

Pinol narrated that the said reporter asked for an interview while leaving the Governor’s house but politely declined it.

At this junction, Pinol lectured the PDI reporter regarding the etiquette journalist lived by – which is to respect their subject when he declined for a request for interview.

You may read Manny Pinol’s full FB post below now.


I am shocked to read this story!

This is unbelievable for an Inquirer reporter to put words into my mouth.

I will ask my lawyers to sue this reporter and demand a transcript of my extemporaneous speech.

My witnesses will be the thousands who packed the gym for the inauguration of North Cotabato Gov. Nancy Catamco.

In my extemporaneous speech, I shared with her my thoughts on leadership.

I said “Do not run away from problems. Confront and address problems” and I cited how I submitted myself to a lifestyle check by the Presidential Anti-Corruption Commission rather than issue denials.

This reporter asked for an interview as I was leaving the Governor’s office and I politely said “No.”

It is basic rule in journalism that when a person refuses to grant an interview, that should be respected.

I maintain I never uttered the quotes he attributed to me.

In view of this I am demanding an apology from this reporter and the Philippine Daily Inquirer for this untruthful and malicious report by its reporter.


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Source: Manny Pinol

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