Danny Javier of Apo Hiking Society spoofs Jim Paredes: ‘Look at me, look at me! I will protect you (Duterte)’

A photo showing Danny Javier of the famed Apo Hiking Society and President Duterte in forehead to forehead pose is making the rounds online.

Facebook user JP Mortel Fajura published the photo today, February 27, 2017 to the delight of the social media people.

A text embedded in the photo reads: “Look at me, look at me! I will protect you.”

The photo has gathered 1,246 shares, 565 reactions and 16 comments, barely 2 hours it was published online.

One netizen asked if the photo is legit.

Fidel ObiƱa Sosa wrote: “Legit po ito?”

The photo owner replied: “Yes, it’s legit.”

It can be recalled that Jim Paredes, Danny’s co-member in the defunct “The Apo Hiking Society” has been getting the backlash lately for bullying a group of Duterte supporters in Edsa Shrine whom Jim called gate crashers in their party to celebrate the Edsa People Power 1 anniversary on February 25, 2017.

During the peak of Jim Paredes’s infamous viral video, some netizens were looking for Danny Javier’s reaction, anticipating what he has to say about his former bandmate.

Well this must be Danny Javier’s way of telling Jim that he is watching him and his friend’s making move against Duterte and he will put his neck on the line to protect the President.

In case you don’t know, Danny Javier campaigned for Duterte in the May 2016 presidential election without making much noise about his contribution.

What do you think is the message Danny Javier wants to convey in the photo?

Credits to JP Mortel Fajura


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