Davaoena slams Kim Chiu, says she’s singling out Chiu because ikaw talaga yung pa arrogant2x

A certain Davaoena named Diana Carmella Gellangarin Taganas has wrote an open letter castigating Kapamilya artist Kim Chiu for her condescending and haughty behavior towards the detractors of her mother network.

In the open letter, Taganas burst Chiu’s bubble by telling the Kapamilya artist that 1. Not all people go gaga over showbiz people and dream of having photo taken with a celeb, she looked at celebs like Chiu as an equal with jobs in the performing arts. 2. Chiu is mediocre at best as an artist.

Taganas went on to remind Chiu’s epic fail performance at ASAP wherein the actress embarrassed herself on national TV whether she was trying to sing Mr. Right, her version of Flashlight, fell on the dance floor or banged head with her choreographer and baby talk while delivering her script, in the movie or SOAP drama.

Taganas refreshed Chiu’s memory particularly her ambush story wherein the actress claimed the assailant said sorry and it was a mistaken identity. Taganas remarked the public aren’t all stupid to believe her story.

Taganas sounded unimpressed of Chiu’s statement she worked hard for what she has achieved. She said Chiu should be ashamed of herself for thinking that her job is more herculean than the rest. She said that Kim Chiu’s acting, which she has turned into a livelihood, is an embarrassment when compared to a regular intrams performance. Ouch!

On Kim Chiu latest videos re network shutdown, Taganas had the impression that the actress is annointing herself as the champion of the grievances of her fellow ABS-CBN artists and she expect the actress to have a good comprehension of the issues of her network.

But Taganas was disappointed that Chiu began educating the public of the legalities of her network’s issues with the infamous video telling netizens “law is law” blah, blah and ended with the classroom law analogy.

When Chiu realized she made a fool of herself, the actress said she was carried away by her emotion that’s why she spouted those harsh and stupid words. Taganas refused to buy Kim’s alibi because according to her babbling an INCOHERENT ARGUMENT is not a result of overwhelming feelings; it is a reflection of her LACK OF UNDERSTANDING about the issue.

Taganas reprimanded Chiu for directing her anger to NTC more than Congress and it was clear as day her she is clueless on the issue. And the reason it was not approved by Congress for her network to graduate (borrowing Chiu’s analogy of graduation), is because the latter’s conditions in the renewal were contested since 2014, but listening to her, of course she doesn’t know that.

Taganas offered an “Auntie” advice to Chiu and that if she wants to be the voice of the collective indignation of the Kapamilya artists, she can go for it. However, she should make sure that her logic is correct, never be arrogant never thinks she’s bright by ABS-CBN’ standards because that’s standard is too low in the real world.

Taganas admitted she is singling out Ms. Chiu because among all celebs, she come out as the most arrogant and she can’t even understand how Chiu managed to last long in showbiz despite her lack of talent. Taganas have no beef with Coco Martin and other celebs like Angel Locsin because they can act, especially Coco Martin.

But the same cannot be said of Chiu’s acting. Despite that, she described her as the most condescending. Taganas remarked that Chiu’s condescending attitude made her to react. Because Chiu thinks the public are stupid and that the public cannot understand facts or logic.

A furious Taganas accused Chiu of surviving in Philippine showbiz because of her strong connections. Hence, she has not run out of projects, more exposure on TV, more endorsements and name recall.

Taganas told Chiu to stop thinking people requested her to do live a version of Flashlight not because she’s good but she’s just visible and have strong connections.

You may read the open letter below.

To Kim Chiu,

WAIT LANG. Naga-hinilas na ka.

People have been amused and engaging with your rants until suddenly your recent posts reek of condescension, treating people as inferiors. Honestly, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. So let me remind you, Kim.

To Kim ‘April-9-is-Kalayaan-Day’ Chiu,

First, believe it or not, there are actually many of us who don’t really care much for showbiz, who don’t teeter at the mere sight of a celeb, or who doesn’t have a dewy-eyed ambition of having a photo taken with them. We consider you as equals with jobs in the performing arts.

Second, speaking of performing arts, since you call yourself an ‘artist’, I suppose you consider your output as art. And with your recent patronizing attitude over the people, tell me Kim, in your (more than a) DECADE in showbiz since PBB, what art did you exactly hone over the years?

Singing? Yun ba yung, Mr. Right? Your version of Flashlight?
Dancing? Yun ba yung mga sige lang ka’g ka haybol? Lagi bang may head spin sa choreo mo?
Acting? Which part? Your way of delivering lines with your baby talk, ‘nyinyinyinyinyi’?

And what did you tell us (in between sniffles) about your ambush incident? ‘Nagsorry yung tao (nag ambush) sa akin, mistaken identity lang daw’? Unfortunately Kim, I don’t know what obtuse species you have in your world but we are better than that.

If you say na ‘pinaghirapan ko kung anong naabot ko ngayon’, as if your job is more herculean than others, mahiya ka magfeeling superior, Kim. Parehas lang tayo lahat nagtatrabaho. Ikaw? I have witnessed better performances of students who don’t even major in arts, I tell you. Your stage performances (on national TV, no less) are an embarrassment if juxtaposed to a regular intrams performance. Tapos ginawa mong hanapbuhay at pagkakakitaan? What a joke.

Lastly, since your relentless videoes re the network closure tell us that you have designated yourself to champion the grievances of your peers:

Rage, we understand.
Sorrow, we can empathize.
Comprehension on the issue of the network we expect from you.

But alas! You began to EDUCATE us with the technicalities of your employer’s predicament:

“Law is law.”
“May alam ka ba sa batas?”
“May alam ka ba sa nagyayari ngayon?”
“Alam nyo ba ang sinasabi nyo?”
“So law. Ang ibig sabihin batas.”
“May pito, o anim na prangkisa. Bakit abscbn lang ang ipinasara ng NTC?”

Then went on with the extraterrestrial classroom analogy. From which of course you later backpedalled, citing sheepishly, “Paggising ko trending na pala ako! Nadala lang sa emosyon. Sensya.” PALPAK.

NADALA SA EMOSYON? Kim, when a person is ‘nadala sa emosyon’, he/she spouts HARSH words. That’s the effect. Babbling an INCOHERENT ARGUMENT is not a result of overwhelming feelings; it is a reflection of your LACK OF UNDERSTANDING about the issue. Kahit umuusok pa sa galit ang isang tao, di nawawala ang point niya KUNG alam nya ang issue.

Naturally: nag damage control ka. “Okay lang yun, at least you’re being real” daw sabi sa post mo. Real? NAGING TOTOO ka lang kaya nasabi mo yung senseless classroom law? May graduation analogy ka na naman. Very good! Wrong! The fact na you are directing your anger to NTC more than the Congress shows your ignorance on the issue. And the reason na di ma approve ng Congress para (by your analogy) ‘naka-graduate’ ang network mo, is because the latter’s conditions in the renewal were contested since 2014, but listening to you, of course you don’t know that.

Then you continued with your haughtiness.

If you want to be the main man of collective indignation of ABS-CBN artists, have at it. Pero siguraduhin mong tama ang logic mo and NEVER be arrogant kay if brayt ka na by ABS-CBN’s standards, that’s too low a standard in THE REAL WORLD. Arrogant.

P.S. I am singling you out because among all celebs, ikaw talaga yung pa arrogant2x eh di ko naman maintindihan kung bakit nakasurvive sa showbiz na walang ka-talent2x. Hilas. In fairness to Coco Martin, he’s a good actor. I couldn’t care less if he crawled (or knelt) his way to stardom—that’s his hustle. At least when at the top, he proves his worth. Same with other celebs, like Angel Locsin.

EH IKAW? Your acting leaves something to be desired. Tapos ikaw pa ang matapobre magsalita (dito talaga ako umalma). Kami pa ang addle-brained. Kami pa ang walang alam. Kami pa ang di nakakaintindi ng fact or logic. Presumptuous ‘artist’. To tell you frankly, nabuhay ka lang sa showbiz dahil sa:

May kapit ka.
HENCE, di ka nawawalan ng projects.
HENCE, more exposure on TV.
HENCE, more endorsements.
HENCE, more exposure.
HENCE, may name recall.

And not because people ask for you. Sinong nagrequest nung live version mo ng Flashlight? Kahit Responsorial Psalm sa misa, di ka papasa. Feel mo magaling ka? You are not good; you are just visible. KASI MAY KAPIT KA. Take that.

Of all celebs, ikaw may sweeping statements ka pang nalalaman like, “di na pwedeng manahimik” or “what is happening to our country?” WOW MAY SOCIAL AWARENESS SINCE BIRTH.

What is happening to our country? April 9 is Kalayaan Day is what.

P.S. And here I thought Caroline is the reason for the word ‘bitch’.

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Source: Diana Carmella Gellangarin Taganas

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